Haileybury is an active participant in the TED initiative, with pupils, staff and parents all taking part in our own independently-run TEDx event. Beginning in 1984 as a non-profit initiative promoting short, powerful talks covering Technology, Entertainment and Design, today TED events cover almost all topics — from science to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Be inspired by our speakers!

From planet Sarwal to planet Earth

Liyaan and Tarun Sarwal (pupil and parent)

Liyaan was born in India, lives in Switzerland but has been brought up in the UK. Tarun is the current ‘Head of Innovation’ at the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC). They will be talking about their experiences of ‘dropping out’ for a year and travelling the world as a family and more specifically about the difficulties of fitting back in to normal daily life. Haileybury Habits: Courageous, Reflective, Resilient

In praise of the slow learner

Thomas Day (teacher)

Thomas Day was Head of English at Haileybury until July 2016. Prior to that he was a Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Central Lancashire. This talk is a synthesis of some of his longstanding research interests in poetry and some personal reflections on teaching and learning issues. Haileybury Habits: Resilience

How breaking a leg fixed my confidence

Nadya Mere (pupil)

Nadya was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. This cultural mismatch has provided her with a number of fascinating insights which she wishes to share with you today. Her talk rather paradoxically focusses on the role of theatre in helping her to conquer stage fright, with a few surprises along the way. Haileybury Habits: Reflective, Resilient

Your dawn wall (or pushing your personal boundaries)

Bill Irving (Housemaster)

Bill Irving joined Haileybury as a physics teacher in 2009 after a 22 year career in the Army. He served in a variety of countries including the USA, the Middle East, the Balkans, Germany, Norway and Italy. Having first climbed at university in the mid 1980s, his Army career allowed him to develop his climbing and mountaineering passion. He is happiest climbing on the wonderful gritstone edges of the Peak District. His talk focusses on challenge and courage and exposes a facet of Bill’s climbing past and present which will surprise many. Haileybury Habits: Resilient, Courageous

Canoeing the continent and seizing opportunities

James Warner-Smith (Old Haileyburian)

An Old Haileyburian who was particularly involved here in drama, music and CCF, James left in 2009 and went on to study Philosophy at the University of Warwick. Upon graduation he embarked with a friend to achieve the most comprehensive canoe crossing of Europe to date, covering 3000 miles of rivers, canals and sea, through 10 different countries. Today’s talk was written to encourage others to pursue goals beyond the routines of everyday life. Haileybury Habits: Inquisitive, Courageous, Resilient

How chaos brought me order

Oliver Brady (pupil)

Oliver is in Batten House. He is fascinated by chaos theory and his talk provides us all with some valuable lessons in life about the impact of the decisions that we make. Haileybury Habits: Reflective, Courageous, Organised

Pushing yourself one step at a time: it’s about completing not competing

Anthony Chapman (parent)

Anthony is a Haileybury parent with a son in Batten and lives locally with his wife Katharine and two children. He has always thought it might be interesting to share some of his experiences and as a keen watcher of TED talks, this event seemed to be the perfect way to do that. His aim is very simple: to inspire at least one person to try something new having heard his talk. Haileybury Habits: Resilient, Inquisitive

The little things in life

Marie Obrowski (pupil)

Marie is half German and half Mexican, however she currently lives in Italy. Her talk is about the little things in life. Having been forced to try just about every activity you can imagine for at least a year, Marie stumbled across the one thing that truly made her happy. And it probably isn’t what you would expect… Haileybury Habits: Resilient, Courageous, Resourceful

Why teachers teach but kids don’t learn

Ben Richards (teacher)

Ben Richards is both an award winning playwright and an experienced teacher of Drama, Philosophy and Mathematics. He has spent the last ten years bringing together his different areas of expertise at a number of top UK schools, honing his unique approach to education. Haileybury Habits: Inquisitive, Reflective

Very personal reflections on passing three score & ten

John Le Sage (Old Haileyburian)

John was born in Scotland and moved to Leeds in 1943. His father was killed in Burma in 1945. He went to Haileybury Junior School at the age of seven due to the generosity of the Haileybury fund. He studied Dentistry at Guy’s hospital and practised in South London for 43 years, retiring in 2007. He is married with four children. His interests are being with the children and grandchildren, music, reading, bridge, golf and travel. Food and wine too. He is very aware of how privileged his life has been and wishes to share his very personal reflections upon it with you all. Haileybury Habits: Reflective, Inquisitive

Lessons from an Antarctic winter

Alison George (Old Haileyburian)

Alison is an ex-pupil at Haileybury who despite not studying biology ended up spending 18 months in Antarctica doing…biology. She now lives in London and works for New Scientist magazine. Her talk is a fascinating reflection on her experiences in Antarctica. Haileybury Habits: Reflective, Courageous

Mind your language!

William Flint-Cahan (Teacher of French)

Born in Paris to a Canadian economist, William went to The Hall prep school in London, followed by Harrow School, then Exeter College, Oxford, where he read Modern Languages. After teaching at St Paul’s School, he came to Haileybury in 1979. He is very concerned about the way language is used and abused by those who shape our lives and the innocence of the young in the face of manipulation. He tries to encourage them always to reflect upon what they see and hear, be inquisitive about what may lurk behind facades and be resilient in the face of pressure to conform. Haileybury Habits: Reflective, Inquisitive, Resilient

Why I turned down Disneyland

Kenisha Paliwal (pupil)

Kenisha was born in India but has been brought up in the UK. She has been lucky enough to receive many unique opportunities to do social work around the world which have inspired her to write today’s talk on the value of keeping promises. Haileybury Habits: Reflective, Courageous

The educated decision maker

Karl Krainer (parent)

Karl Krainer is the founder and ‘Chief Thinker’ of the consultancy firm Gedankenfabrik. He calls on many years of experience working for Proctor and Gamble, Coca-Cola and Schweppes as well as internet giants Google and eBay, where he acted as an intermediary between the offline and online worlds. He holds an MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans. The talk about the ‘Educated Decision-Maker’ addresses the ongoing evolution from the re-active consumer to the educated decision-maker (EDM). The EDM is a well-informed person, a sophisticated decision-maker and a self-confident doer. His talk has huge implications for all of us as we move into the ‘post-digital’ age. Haileybury Habits: Innovative, Courageous, Inquisitive

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