Lower School activities (Years 7 and 8)

"In Lower School, the “classroom” is more than just where pupils study. Whether it's the dance hall, hockey pitch or debating chamber, all play a part in the learning environment designed to enrich Lower School pupils throughout their Haileybury journey."

Dr Laura Pugsley Head of Lower School

Lower School activities (Years 7 and 8)

Learning without limits

As elsewhere in Haileybury, teamwork, leadership and social skills are fundamental in the development of every pupil, helping each and every one to learn and grow through everything they do.

Co-curricular activities therefore have a major role to play in the development of each child. Consequently, the “classroom” extends to the dance hall, hockey pitch and debating chamber, enriching Lower School pupils and developing their skills in preparation for their Haileybury journey.

A rich blend of activities

Art, music, sport and drama are integral parts of the Lower School curriculum and can also be pursued, amongst many other things, through the co-curricular programme.

Daily lunchtime and after-school clubs are offered and pupils are encouraged to join a variety of activities.

From dance classes to Mandarin lessons, or Model United Nations to girls’ football, pupils can indulge their passions or take up something new; learning to be part of a team and reflecting on their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Concerts and creativity

The Lower School runs its own Orchestra, Rock Band and Choirs, and pupils may also audition for Main School ensembles – stretching the most able in these areas.

Shows, plays and concerts showcase the talents and achievements of our youngest pupils, and offer all, from the beginners to more accomplished, the opportunity to take to the stage. LAMDA tuition is offered to all pupils, giving an excellent introduction to interpretive, technical and communication skills for the stage.

Sports and fitness

Similarly sports fixtures and training are built around each individual, with a wide range of sports to suit both boys and girls. Every pupil represents the school in competitive sport during their Lower School career, helping them quickly develop team ethos and personal discipline.

Find out more about co-curricular activities at Haileybury

Co-curricular activity is a fundamental part of a Haileybury education, playing a key part in helping each child discover their identity and build their confidence.

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