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At Haileybury we offer a variety of Dance styles to suit all tastes and abilities. Whether in solo or ensemble form, Dance not only allows pupils to express themselves but also offers an exceptional combination of balance, self-control and fitness. These attributes stretch beyond the dance floor to benefit all areas of personal development, whether in the classroom or on the sports field. 


Dance at Haileybury

Dance forms a core part of the co-curricular programme at Haileybury and plays a crucial role in the development of the individual.

It can help pupils discover more about themselves by allowing them to grow in confidence, while at the same time building their self esteem. It gives them the opportunity of learning how to work alone, but also develops strong team commitment and effort. Dance has the power to lift spirits and is a great relief mechanism. It has the power to make you happy!

Dance is available for all year groups, including Lower School (Years 7 & 8). A typical week looks like this: 

Monday: Removes (Year 9) Dance activity

Tuesday: Professional Dance lessons provided by Michelle King and her team from Cheshunt Dance School (tap, ballet, modern, street)

Wednesday: Dance activity for Sixth Form and Lifeskills Programme (including Swing Dance by JiveSwing.com)

Last year, during the Spring Term, for the first time Dance was offered to all Main School female pupils as a Sport option. This was exceptionally well received and we are delighted to confirm that this will again be offered during Spring Term 2018. This will be led by our new Dance Coordinator Rachel Perry.

The Haileybury Annual Dance Showcase will again take place during the Spring Term 2018. Pupils are able to showcase what they have learnt throughout the year and also love to choreograph their own routines.

Haileybury's Dance Coordinator

Rachel has been at Haileybury for two years as a Teacher of Mathematics and Resident Tutor of Hailey. Rachel has been dancing since the age of three, encompassing many forms of dance including Irish Dance, Ballet up to Grade 8, Modern Dance, Line Dance and Contemporary. She has a wealth of experience and led the Queen’s University Elite Dance Team and Society for several years. She looks forward to further developing Dance at Haileybury.

Dance is a great form of exercise and fun, so if you want to be part of ‘Dance at Haileybury’, please contact r.perry@haileybury.com

Dance like nobody’s watching!

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