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"At Haileybury we offer a variety of Dance styles to suit all tastes and abilities. Whether in solo or ensemble form, Dance not only allows pupils to express themselves through their bodies but also offers an exceptional combination of balance, self-control and fitness. These attributes stretch beyond the Dance floor to benefit all areas of personal development, whether in the classroom or on the sports field."

Adrian Box Dance Coordinator


Dance at Haileybury

Dance forms a core part of the co-curricular programme at Haileybury, helping pupils to discover more about themselves and also helping them to work artistically with each other.

It is an astonishingly powerful art form. As well as allowing pupils to express deep emotion via either a solo or group performance, Dance also has the power, through detailed choreography, of engaging not just the Dance troupe but also the entire audience.

The role of Dance

Dance plays a crucial role in the development of the individual, whether they are seeking to enjoy Dance as art or as part of a more rounded fitness regime.

For pupils who enjoy sport, Dance offers a significant contribution to performance by enhancing mechanical fluidity and improving aerobic performance.

For those who are less sporty, Dance offers a liberating form of exercise without the strictures of competitive performance.

For all, Dance permits the development of balance and co-ordination in addition to the fine tuning of personal focus and discipline.

For all, Dance is also an exceptional way to 'wind down' from the stresses of everyday life. Relaxation as a consequence improves reflection and encourages academic performance.

Different styles to suit all

Expression frees the self from the shackles of order but everyone expresses themselves differently.

As part of Haileybury's co-curricular programme, we offer Dance lessons in Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Street Dance. Classes take place each Tuesday evening from 5.30pm and attract well over 100 pupils to each session.

Please note that fees are charged for the lessons and free tasters are offered prior to making a commitment.

There is the possibility of taking ISTD/RAD Dance qualifications. Additionally a substantial workshops and activities programme introduces and develops pupils’ experience of dance. In particular Swing Dance is taught on a regular basis.

Performance opportunities

Pupils are encouraged to participate in, and receive instruction for, performance opportunities. The three-quarter hour lessons are primarily aimed at a once-yearly Dance Show, held early in March.

Classes are mainly given in Big School, which provides a beautiful and spacious environment for self and group expression. Bradby Hall and the Attlee Room are also used to take up overflow of interest.

The Dance team

Dance is managed by Adrian Box and pupil representatives. Instruction is delivered and directed by our principal visiting teacher, Michelle King, supported by Nicky Mason and Cheshunt Dance School. For Swing Dance we have a specialist team from JiveSwing.com led by Joseph Sewell.


Adrian Box is responsible for co-ordinating Dance. He has been at Haileybury since 1997 and is a Resident Tutor in Trevelyan. In school Adrian teaches Art, runs Dance and co-ordinates travel grants.

Adrian was educated at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Plymouth College of Art, Leeds Polytechnic, Goldsmiths, University of London and Manchester Polytechnic where he completed his MA. Before moving to Haileybury Adrian taught at Eton College and prior to teaching worked for the Civil Service.

Adrian dances for recreation having learnt Modern Jive then Swing Dance. He is a keen visitor to art exhibitions.

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