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"At Haileybury, we place personal challenge at the heart of how we help each pupil develop their confidence and shape their identity. In encouraging boys and girls to confront and overcome their fears, we believe they will learn more about themselves, developing into stronger and more-rounded individuals"

Angus Head Deputy Head (Co-curricular)

Building confidence through learning and celebration

At Haileybury, we place personal challenge at the heart of how we help each pupil develop their confidence and shape their identity.

In encouraging boys and girls to push their boundaries, we believe they will also learn more about themselves at the same time, developing into stronger and more rounded individuals.

Of course, challenges come in many forms. Whether these are intellectual, creative or physical, pupils are offered a wide range of activities so they can explore their interests, find their passion and develop their identity.

We strongly believe that by allowing each pupil to challenge themselves across the broadest possible canvas of experiment, they will grow into confident and assured adults able to contribute fully to team decisions and take decisions with authority.

Joy at success

But challenge alone is not everything. At Haileybury, the celebration of each other's successes is also a great part of our ethos.

It is one of the great pleasures of staff and fellow pupils to witness the sheer joy on the faces of boys and girls who have taken part, pushed themselves and laugh to each other afterwards, saying "we did it".

A world of challenge and opportunity

Our extensive range of co-curricular clubs and societies (in addition to every Wednesday afternoon's Activity sessions) provides opportunities for everyone to try something new, explore their capabilities and find something they enjoy - and at which they can flourish.

The list below highlights a number of opportunities available to pupils at Haileybury but there are many, many more. If pupils have ideas for things they want to do we actively encourage them to make it happen; they will find, in the great spirit of Haileybury, that they will be fully supported.


Art Appreciation; Art Club; Art for Creative Enthusiasts; Art Society.

Business and Economics

Economics Society; Haileybury Business Challenge; Target 2.0 (Bank of England and The Times Interest Rate Challenge).

Charitable work

Charity Committee; Community Service; Peer Support. 


Debating Society; Model United Nations; Public Speaking. 


Drama - Co-curricular Productions; Drama – LAMDA; Green Room; Theatre Technical Unit.


Eco Group; Geography; Wildlife Conservation.


Aerobics; Boxercise; Dance; Fitness Club; Gym Induction and Fitness; Pilates; Swing Dance; Zumba.


Genealogy; History Society.


Chinese (Mandarin); Classics society; French society; Italian society; Mandarin club; Spanish society.

Leadership and Teamwork

Coghill; Combined Cadet Force; Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.


Investigative Journalism; Creative writing - Littererchewer; Multi-media and computer programming; Photography +; The Haileyburian.


Chamber Choir; Chapel Choir; Concert Orchestra; Concertino Orchestra; Front Line Music; Jazz Band; Lower School Choir; Music Factory; Music Technonology; Music Theory; Rock Choir.


Confirmation Club; Cross Talk (Christian Discussion Group).

Removes Activities (Year 9)

Boys' Lacrosse; Dance; Drumming; Photography; Rackets; Rifle Shooting.

School Interests

Food Committee; School Senate; Haileybury History.

Science and Technology

Biology Olympiad; Chemistry Olympiad; Science Club; Science Society; Technology Club; Computer Programming.


First Aid; Life-saving (Swimming Pool); Self-reliance - Survival Skills; Navigation - Map-reading.


Archery; Athletics; Badminton; Basketball; Canoeing; Climbing; Cricket; Karting; Kwik-Cricket; Fencing; Flying; Football – Boys’; Football - Girls'; Golf; Hockey; Horse-riding; Kickboxing; Lacrosse - Boys'; Lacrosse - Girls'; Mountain Biking; Netball Club; Rackets; Recreational Games; Rugby Club; Rugby Sevens; Scuba; Shooting; Softball; Squash Club; Swimming Club; Tennis Club; Water Polo.

(Please note that not all activities are available every term).

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