Co-curricular Art

“The object of Art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

Alberto Giacometti

Co-curricular Art

The role of Art

Art is about expression; communicating a view of the world as seen only by the artist. In its truest form, Art is an intense expression of the individual and demands of the artist the ability to challenge emotions, adjust perception and confront pre-held views and convictions.

Art for all

At Haileybury, all pupils are encouraged to explore their artistic ‘right brain’ side, irrespective of whether they choose to study Art as an academic option.

Whether Art is studied as part of our academic programme or as part of personal development via our co-curricular provision, it offers each pupil the ability to push new boundaries and learn more about themselves and their view of the world.

There are artistic opportunities for all year groups outside class time; from Lower School Art Club to Art for DofE candidates and Sixth Formers, as part of their Wednesday activities programme. Pupils both young and old enjoy intermingling in the studios, irrespective of age difference, exchanging artistic ideas, and being creative.

Friendly atmosphere

Music is frequently used as a stimulus for creative thought and activity, and the atmosphere is a relaxed and friendly one, even more so outside class time.

The Art School is open every evening and Saturday morning for those wishing to develop their artistic talent and visual expression.

Art facilities

The Art Department is a well-equipped, large, bright building boasting ample studio space on two floors. There are printing presses and facilities for ceramics and photography, both traditional and digital.

There is a substantial Arts library, Adobe Creative Suite available on all computers in the Art School (and on the wider school campus), regular life drawing sessions, and facilities for more specialist techniques such as Aquatint.

Each pupil can explore an incredibly wide range of media, including painting, pottery (we have two large kilns), drawing and life drawing (drawing from nude models), sculpture/3D, photography, collage, computer art and printmaking (we have two large printing presses).

Art exhibitions and competitions

Each summer the department stages a major end of year art exhibition, as well as the popular Haileybury Arts Festival.

Especially popular among the pupils of all ages is the Haileybury House Art Competition, held every two years (along with the Secret Art Exhibition).

Learn more about Art at Haileybury

For more information about studying Art at Haileybury, about our work and exhibitions, and to see what we have to offer, please follow the link below:

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