The Haileybury weekend

The Haileybury weekend

For all pupils, the Haileybury weekend really begins when sports and games are over at 3.30 pm on Saturday. From this point, we actively encourage pupils who can do so to spend time with their families until Sunday evening. For those pupils who are not able to do this, the College offers a rich and rewarding weekend life where every pupil will be among friends and enjoy themselves.

A seven day community of friends

The academic week at Haileybury lasts from Monday morning until mid-afternoon on Saturday. At this point, pupils whose parents live in the UK may be collected by their parents, returning to the College by Sunday evening.

For those pupils for whom this is not an option or do not want to do so, we offer a wide range of activities to ensure that everyone is kept busy, is engaged and feels they're among a caring family of friends.

A working Saturday

Saturday is a shorter day for all pupils but begins with four 40 minute lessons before lunch.

Lunch is then followed by a period of study and then sport and games (usually in the form of practice matches).

UK boarders

At 3.30 pm, those pupils whose parents are resident in the UK and are able to be collected by them, can go home. They return to College by 8.30 pm on Sunday evening.

Overseas boarders

For those pupils whose parents live overseas or who live a great distance away, the College offers a varied programme of weekend events.

Over a typical term, these might include: trips to Cambridge or London; a range of Cinema trips; film nights in the Grubber (our cafe); jazz evenings and Games nights.

An extremely popular and enjoyable feature of the boarders' Sunday is the weekly Sunday Brunch; a long, leisurely brunch in the Dining Hall with friends. Everyone looks forward to this - the chance to wind down, share jokes and generally bond and have a good time.

In the warmer months, boarders can also take part in informal games of football, squash and tennis, enjoying the wonderful facilities Haileybury has to offer in a quiet and reflective atmosphere of a balmy summer afternoon or an early autumn day.

Non-exeat weekends

Not every weekend is the same; at least once per term there will be one weekend where all pupils remain on campus. These non-exeat weekends reinforce College values and sometimes also focus on a key event in Haileybury life such as a charity ball or the school cabaret.

Facilities for boarders

For more information about the facilities available to boarders at Haileybury, please click on the following links:

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