Monitoring and tracking

Tracking and monitoring each pupil's progress is critical in enabling them to fulfil their potential and achieve their best. At Haileybury, we combine objective testing with detailed knowledge of each pupil to gain a well-rounded assessment of each boy and girl in our care and tailor our resources best to meet their needs.

Monitoring and tracking

The importance of monitoring and tracking

At Haileybury, monitoring, tracking and responding to each child's needs is crucial in their development.

This process also plays a crucial role in how we prepare and help them to reach their first-choice university.

CEM Tests

Like many other independent schools, Haileybury uses the University of Durham Centre for Educational Monitoring (CEM) tests.

Using this system, every pupil is assessed in Lower School 1 (Year 7), Removes (Year 9) and the Lower Sixth (Year 12) during the first week of the Autumn Term. Pupils arriving in other years (for example, Middles – also known as Year 10) are picked up too.

The data gathered is used to indicate the public examination grades they are likely to achieve.

Every time a pupil receives a subject report we compare their attainment against these forecasts to ensure they are on the right path; where they are not, a variety of pupil-specific intervention strategies are considered and implemented. Our aim is to ensure the pupils eventually surpass, where possible, these indicated grades.

Housemasters and Housemistresses

While these results are a key part in monitoring and tracking each pupil, Housemistresses or Housemasters (HMs) also play a crucial role in their personal development.

In each House, HMs and tutors know a great deal about their own pupils. They see their work ethic in House, they are much more aware of how organised all their charges are, and they also know a lot more about what social and emotional concerns each pupil might have in these difficult teenage years.

They share this information with members of Haileybury’s Senior Leadership Team (such as the Head of Lower School or the Head of Sixth Form), enabling each pupil to receive appropriate support as necessary.

The value of the Haileybury community

In addition, because Haileybury is a community with over 90% of staff living on the campus, there are many more opportunities for teachers to exchange information on how each pupil is getting on.

With that in mind, more precise expectations for each pupil can be constructed by using aptitude testing and the knowledge that their Housemistress or Housemaster and Tutors have built up over the time they have spent with them.

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