Haileybury Horizons

While a traditional, broad academic curriculum lies at the heart of Removes (Year 9) at Haileybury, we also want our pupils to develop an understanding of current issues to help prepare them for the future. Haileybury Horizonshas been specifically developed for pupils in this year group, aimed at inspiring them to become more aware of – and better participants in – the world around them.

Haileybury Horizons

Haileybury Horizons – enriching the curriculum

Haileybury Horizons is an innovative development for pupils in Removes (Year 9). Introduced in 2011, it is designed to give pupils a fully-rounded knowledge of the world around them and a grounding in the skills necessary to help them meet the challenges of the wider world.

Weekly lessons build a complete picture

Haileybury Horizons has been specially designed to supplement learning in a critical year in the life of every pupil. It offers a carousel of subjects which currently includes: current affairs; cultural awareness; debating; ethics and leadership.

'Hands on' and inspiring

Through very 'hands on', discursive experiential learning over the year, the course aims to inspire our pupils to become more aware of the world around them and thus become successful, responsible, internationally-minded citizens.

It is also designed to blend closely with the Haileybury Habits and academic learning to create fully-rounded pupils with a broader and more embracing outlook.

Rather than being didactic in approach, Haileybury Horizons engages pupils with interactive study. For example, in the Debating course, pupils are taught to speak in public with confidence, as well as to articulate a well-reasoned argument while analysing why the other person is 'wrong'.

Adding to an holistic experience

The whole Haileybury Horizons course is holistic and designed to enrich the entire curriculum.

Thus, for example, Current Affairs is partly used as a vehicle for improving pupils' rhetorical skills in Debating or to improve their understanding of historical and political events.

Teaching Haileybury Horizons

Each of the course topics is taught in rotation over a five-week period; after the fifth rotation, the groups revert to their original teacher to undertake a study skills course. This is in addition to a Haileybury Habits challenge and a Haileybury Horizons challenge where teams compete to produce the best five-week Horizons course, perhaps for future years.

The course

Each course spans a five-week period with each week examining a different element of the subject. The subjects and weekly content are shown below.

Cultural awareness – Music

Taught by James Deveson, Haileybury's Head of Academic Music:

  • Week 1: Developing better skills for listening to any style of music
  • Week 2: Understanding how to identify connections between apparently different musical styles
  • Week 3: Understanding the different types of Classical music and their connections with other creative arts
  • Week 4: Developing a greater awareness of how different types of non-Classical music developed from Blues and Jazz
  • Week 5: Developing a better understanding of the philosophy of live musical performance.

Current affairs

Taught by Ed Bond, Haileybury's Director of Professional Development:

  • Week 1: Current affairs through newspapers
  • Week 2: Current affairs through television
  • Week 3: Current affairs through the internet and social media
  • Week 4: Privacy laws
  • Week 5: Current affairs through satire.


Taught by Peter Blair, Housemaster of Edmonstone:

  • Week 1: Speaking: eye contact; volume; tempo; stance; gestures; smiling
  • Week 2: Arguing: how to construct a powerful point using: reason, evidence/explanation, analysis, linking
  • Week 3: Connecting: how to link points together, individually and as a team
  • Week 4: Engaging: how to argue back, including logical fallacies
  • Week 5: Debating: putting all of the above into practice under the formal rules of debate.

Ethics and decision-making

Taught by Chris Briggs, Haileybury's Chaplain:

  • Week 1: The value of life
  • Week 2: Making moral decisions
  • Week 3: Issues of medical ethics
  • Week 4: Religious views concerning marriage and divorce
  • Week 5: Prejudice and equality.


  • Week 1: Introduction to concept of leadership with focus on persuasive communication
  • Week 2: Detailed examination of the qualities of a leader
  • Week 3: Leadership in schools; roles and responsibilities
  • Week 4: Sporting leadership; motivating people under pressure
  • Week 5: Morality and leadership; Hitler and Mandela, a case study.

Global Issues and Global Risks

Taught by Ruth Sullivan, Haileybury's Deputy Master:

  • Week 1: What is risk?
  • Week 2: Environmental risks
  • Week 3: Societal risks
  • Week 4: Geopolitical risks
  • Week 5: Technological risks.
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