A Levels are regarded by many as the 'Gold Standard' of British educational attainment. At Haileybury, we combine a mix of excellent teaching, academic challenge, sound guidance and first-class facilities to deliver an excellent A Level programme designed to help each pupil reach their first-choice university and succeed in Higher Education.

A Levels

A Levels - a test of intellectual capability

At A Level, pupils move their studies into a new gear, progressing from the structured learning of I/GCSEs and into a more in-depth analysis of their chosen four subjects.

The work is significantly more demanding - but the rewards make study and hard work worthwhile. Self-discipline and rigorous time management are key to a strong performance.

However, for every A Level pupil, Haileybury offers a combination of excellent teaching, academic challenge, sound advice and good counselling to ensure that each pupil is able to cope with the workload and achieve their academic best.

Rigour and depth

A Levels provide a valuable - and highly valued - qualification. High grades require ability, commitment and hard work - and reflect very well on those who achieve them. They are not a soft option.

For those seeking an in-depth examination and specialist study of a subject, A Levels provide rigour and depth.

In addition to core learning, pupils are encouraged to read widely around their subject in order best to understand it - and to prepare them for the freer investigative techniques expected at university.

The key to university education

A Levels today retain a high degree of respect and value and are, overwhelmingly, the main method of access to university for the 18-year-old population.

Because A Levels discriminate between levels of ability and degrees of effort, they are held in particular high regard by the leading academic universities. Oxford and Cambridge in particular place great store in candidates' A Level performance.

They are also highly regarded in many other countries around the world, including the USA, a university destination which will become more popular with pupils over time.

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