IB Diploma - applying for a place

IB Diploma - applying for a place

The IB Diploma Programme is open to pupils aged between 16 and 19. As well as being subject to certain academic criteria, pupils who wish to join the Programme need also to reflect on a range of other factors including subject specialism, career choice and their own areas of interest and aptitude.

IB Diploma - applying for a place

Who can apply to study for the IB Diploma?

Haileybury welcomes pupils from both the UK and around the world who wish to study for the IB Diploma Programme and welcomes all pupils aged 16-19, subject to a number of criteria.

At Haileybury, as elsewhere, the Diploma Programme focuses on the development of pupils according to the attributes described in the IB Learner Profile.

Prospective pupils need to consider carefully whether they can manage the demands of the Diploma.

While the Diploma is academically challenging, it is also a very balanced programme of education which addresses the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students.

The time demands on each pupil cannot be underestimated; the information below highlights a number of factors to consider prior to deciding on whether to take the Diploma.

Factors to consider in choosing the IB Diploma

The decision to study for the Diploma is not based wholly on academic capability although, of course, this does play a major part.

Other factors to consider include career decisions, languages and the ability to study in areas outside the Higher Level (HL) of the course.

The following areas highlight factors which every prospective pupil needs to take into account prior to enrolling:

Aptitude and prior attainment

It is important when applying for a place that every pupil should choose a course within their ability. Based on our many years' experience, at Haileybury we suggest that the following requirements are attained by pupils wishing to study for the IB Diploma:

  • Higher Level (HL) subjects: (I)GCSE A*-A or the equivalent
  • Standard Level (SL) subjects: (I)GCSE A*-B or the equivalent

Interest: ISCO (Morrisby) tests

These tests, taken by all Vths (Year 11) at Haileybury, give an objective assessment of pupils’ interests and abilities with regard to careers. Further details are available from The Head of Careers (contact details elsewhere on this page).

Career and university entry requirements

It is important for every pupil to think of their future before committing. Someone wishing to read Medicine would almost certainly need to read Biology and Chemistry at HL, for example. Equally, different university systems have different requirements (for example, German universities are quite particular).

The Head of Universities will be happy to advise you (contact details elsewhere on this page). Note: while Haileybury is happy to give advice, it is the pupil’s responsibility to ensure that any necessary entry requirements are met.

Diploma requirements

As stated above, three subjects must be chosen at HL, and three at SL. HL subjects are those which reflect the pupil's area of specialisation and will be subject to more tuition than SL subjects.

Language recommendations

It is strongly recommended that all candidates study either English A Literature, Language and Literature or Literature and Performance as part of their course.

Group 6 choices

Electives may be used to supplement your other group choices; or for breadth and personal interest you may choose one of the Arts - given that the IB demands 6 subjects, universities are supportive of an Arts subject being taken in Group 6. Please check each university's particular requirements very carefully.

Key Contacts

For more information or to discuss applying for a place, please contact any of the following:

  • Head of Careers
  • Head of Universities
  • Dr Kate Brazier, IB Co-ordinator

Key information

For more information about studying the IB Diploma at Haileybury, please view the following download:

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