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"Geography helps pupils to develop a variety of skills including effective writing and structured debate, carrying out surveys, analysing data and having a realistic knowledge of environmental problems. Lessons are supplemented by extensive fieldwork, trips and lively departmental lectures, helping pupils to think about the wider role of Geography beyond the curriculum."

George Seccombe Head of Geography


Geography at Haileybury

Geography opens the door to a broader understanding of the world – and the challenges facing it. It enables pupils to appreciate how places and landscapes are formed, how people and environments interact, what consequences arise from everyday decisions, and how the world's diverse cultures and societies exist and interconnect.

The study of Geography helps pupils to develop a variety of skills, not only effective writing and debate, but carrying out surveys, analysing data and having a realistic knowledge of environmental problems. Geography gives pupils a profound understanding of how to value and care for the planet and all its inhabitants.


At GCSE level, the AQA (I)GCSE course is followed, while at AS/A2 Level, we follow the AQA A Level course.

An increasing number of pupils have opted for the IB Geography course, which can be studied at either Standard or Higher Level.


Local field work takes place in the Haileybury grounds as well as the surrounding rural and urban landscape, and there are also residential courses in term-time and during the holidays.

All year groups complete field work, with different year groups visiting Cambridge, Shropshire, the Olympic Park and Morocco as a part of their studies in recent years.

Pupils are encouraged to attend optional trips in highly thought-provoking environments such as Uganda (2013) and Morocco (2014). A return trip for Sixth Formers to Uganda is planned for October 2015, as is an (I)GCSE trip to Iceland.

Other than classes and trips, pupils can attend departmental lectures, helping them to think about Geography beyond the curriculum. There are prizes for pupils who tweet or email staff relevant ‘Geography in the News’ articles. All Sixth Form geographers subscribe to the Geography Review while (I)GCSE pupils are now issued with WideWorld magazine.

Head of Department

George Seccombe joined Haileybury as Head of Geography in September 2014. He read Geography and Transport Planning at the University of Leeds before staying in Leeds to complete a PGCE in Secondary Geography. George began his teaching career at The London Oratory School in Fulham before making the move down the River Thames to become Head of Geography at Shiplake College in Henley on Thames. While at Shiplake College, George was 3rd XV Rugby coach, U15A cricket coach and Contingent Commander of the CCF. On arrival at Haileybury he has continued his involvement with the CCF and has assumed the role of OC Army Section and Contingent 2IC.

Teaching Staff

George's Geography team includes: Charlotte Brigden BA PGCE; Nick Davies BA QTS(GTP) HM Thomason; Charlie Jenkinson BSc PGCE Head of Sixth Form; Ruth Sullivan BSc MSc PhD PGCE Deputy Master; Jennifer Evans BSc PGCE; and Ann Spavin MSc.


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