Three great names

Arthur Gray Butler, Rudyard Kipling and Thomas Malthus are three great names in their own fields who have a particular connection with Haileybury. You can learn more about them and their unique contribution to the College history on this page.

Three important figures in Haileybury's history

As well as its many famous alumni, Haileybury is also famous for its connection to three great figures: the educationalist Arthur Gray Butler, the economist Thomas Malthus, and the writer Rudyard Kipling.

Although none of these three men were a pupil at Haileybury, each has a fundamental and indelible link with the history of the College, whether as a result of their work here or elsewhere.

Haileybury is proud to be associated with each one of them and their memory lives on at different locations around the College campus.

Arthur Gray Butler - Haileybury's first Master

Arthur Gray Butler was the visionary headmaster and educationalist who led Haileybury in its earliest days when the College was an empty shell following the closure of the East India College (the EIC) in 1858.

Rudyard Kipling - writer, poet and children's author

Rudyard Kipling's association with Haileybury lies with the College's connection to the United Services College (the USC) and the Imperial Service College (the ISC).

In 1906 the USC became the ISC which itself formally joined with Haileybury in 1942.

An additional, fundamental link, is that Kipling was taught - and considerably influenced - by the USC's great headmaster, Cormell Price, himself a former Haileybury Housemaster (Colvin) of some repute.

Thomas Malthus - economist and political thinker

Revd. Thomas Malthus, creator of "Malthusian economics", was a leading figure in the early days of the East India College when it brought to its staff some of the finest thinkers of the age.

Although the EIC closed in 1858, many of its buildings still remain - including Haileybury's quadrangle - and it could rightly be said that many of today's pupils tread daily in the footsteps of Malthus.

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