Haileybury archives

Haileybury has a rich history stretching back not just to its foundation in 1862 but also to its original role as the East India College. A great deal of information about the College, its governance and its clubs and institutions is today held in our Archive, which in 2014 was expanded by the incorporation of the Kipling Society Library. The Haileybury Archive is open to researchers by prior appointment with the College archivists.

Haileybury archives

A valuable resource

For a college as old as Haileybury, a living archive is crucial to understanding not just the history but also the traditions and rituals which bind it together.

At Haileybury, our archives provide a rich resource for pupils, staff and historians alike and include everything from photographs of staff, pupils and sports teams, old uniforms, paintings, minutes of meetings, books, manuscripts and even film material, some of which has now been digitised.

Our archives offer a valuable resource, covering the governance of the College, the day-to-day life here, and a rich source of information and source material on Haileybury's many clubs, societies and sports activities.

Kipling Society Library

Haileybury has enjoyed a long association with Rudyard Kipling, who was a pupil at the United Services College (USC) and who was taught by Cormell Price, a former Haileybury housemaster (Colvin).

In 2014, the Kipling Society entrusted a substantial part of its Libary to the trust of Haileybury College; viewings are available on request.

Viewing the archives

The archives are housed in our Haileybury Archive building. They can be consulted by appointment with our archivists, Toby Parker or Heather Edwards-Hedley, on 01992 706200.

Before making contact, please help us by letting us know the objectives of your research so that we can know how best to help. Any research undertaken in the Archive will be supervised by one of our archivists and access is at the discretion of the College and may in some circumstances be refused.

The Haileybury Archive will be closed to the public between 1 November 2016 and 5 June 2017. Please do not send any post or email enquiries during this period. 

East India College

Please note that although Haileybury in terms of its central buildings dates back to the time of the East India College, the vast majority of the archive today covers the period after Haileybury was founded as a College in its own right in 1862.

While our archivists may be able to assist in researching the history of the East India College, please talk with them first about which information you seek. They will be able to tell you what is available here and what needs to be researched elsewhere.

More information

To learn more about key events in the history of Haileybury, about the East India College, the USC and about Kipling and other notable Haileyburians, please click on any of the links below:

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