Haileybury Youth Trust

Haileybury Youth Trust

For over 100 years, the Haileybury Youth Trust has been working to support and empower impoverished communities. Since 2006, the Trust has operated exclusively in Uganda where it has earned international plaudits for its work developing environmentally-sustainable building projects with local villagers and craftspeople.

Building better futures in Uganda

The Haileybury Youth Trust (HYT) began life in 1890 in the East End of London, where the great British prime minister (and former Haileyburian), Clement Attlee, was once the Trust's manager.

In 2006, after nearly a century of working among the poor of Stepney, the Trust relocated to Africa, where it has been working with Ugandans ever since. It is unique among school-based charities for its innovative approach to sustainable development.

Employing a unique but proven approach with its One Village at a Time programme, HYT today is transforming lives in Uganda, improving whole communities and the lives of hundreds of poor families.

Haileybury and HYT

At Haileybury, service has always been at the heart of what we do. Youth working with youth is core to the experience. In this way, graduate OHs have served as successive country managers; gap year volunteers have supported the Ugandan team and school visits have seen at first hand the HYT's transformational work.Lives are changed not only in Uganda but for Haileyburians too.

Our purpose

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in Africa while its population is one of the fastest-growing on earth. There is an urgent need for skills training and for developing employment opportunity, while at the same time meeting basic humanitarian needs.

HYT trains young Ugandans in an innovative, carbon-saving building technology, giving them construction skills that improve education, opportunity and livelihoods.

We also transform communities, building low-cost school buildings and installing rainwater storage tanks and sanitation facilities. This is done in a way that preserves rather than damages the beautiful Ugandan landscape.

Our work

Through our training schemes, HYT promotes the use of the Interlocking Stabilised Soil Block (ISSB), a low-cost, carbon-saving alternative to the environmentally-damaging fired brick.

The ISSB is a compressed earth technology that is readily adopted in both rural communities and urban areas. HYT’s experienced team of trainers lead this successful programme of sustainable development.

Empowering others to help themselves

HYT has a proven record of working in Uganda, both in our One Village at a Time project and with other partners, local, national and international. HYT gives a hand up not a hand out.

Ashden International Award

In June 2017 HYT was selected as an Ashden International Award winner for its sustainable buildings. This prestigious award which recognises global excellence in sustainability, was presented by former US Vice President, Al Gore, at ceremony in London. HYT is now recognised as a world leader in promoting carbon-saving buildings in Africa.

Innovation with empowerment

The vision of HYT is that, by giving Ugandans new skills in the physical development of their villages, it will provide opportunities for trainees to develop small business enterprises of their own, working independently and sustainably.

In this way, the Trust blends innovation with empowerment, helping Ugandans to build brighter and more sustainable futures for themselves.

In many ways, the Haileybury Youth Trust can be seen as the embodiment of the College's ethos since 1862 of "giving something back to society".


HYT's Director is Russell Matcham. Having first visited Uganda in 1989, he launched the Trust there in 2006. Russell is responsible for the overall direction of the Trust, supported by its Trustees and works closely with the Country Manager. Russell also promotes HYT at Haileybury and with many others working in international development in Uganda, which he visits regularly, and beyond.

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