Haileybury Turnford

Haileybury is committed to working with and serving the local community. In recent years, a key part of this programme has been working with Turnford School in nearby Cheshunt. In 2015, the Secretary of State approved Haileybury's sponsorship of Haileybury Turnford academy.

Haileybury Turnford

A learning partnership made even better

In recent years Haileybury has worked in partnership with Turnford School in nearby Cheshunt, with both institutions committed to learning from each other and developing new ways of serving the local community.

Following two years of close collaboration, Haileybury Turnford opened as an academy in September 2015, consolidating the two Schools' growing partnership.

The need for school links

In establishing Haileybury Turnford as a Haileybury-sponsored academy, it is hoped to raise the aspirations of its pupils, expand their opportunities and empower them with greater confidence to achieve their ambitions.

Real benefits

Already the benefits of partnership have been felt. Haileybury has provided assistance for able pupils in applying to Russell Group universities, entrance to the Combined Cadet Force, involvement in the Model United Nations weekend and access to a series of Haileybury lectures.

In return, Haileybury has benefited from Turnford’s professional expertise in the use of data for teaching and learning and its close community links.

Haileybury Turnford will build on this start. The new academy will continue to be publicly-funded but will also gain the freedom to be innovative, drawing on the history and ethos of Haileybury, sharing aspirations and ambitions.

For both institutions, however, the most signficant benefit is about empowering every pupil with the confidence to believe that their opportunities in society are as great as those of anyone else.

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To find out more about Haileybury Turnford and its place in the local community, as well as more about Haileybury's commitment to the local community and about our service-based ethos, please click the links below:

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