Haileybury in the local community

"The Community Service scheme gives Haileyburians the opportunity to contribute to local society in a range of different ways. Pupils work to their strengths typically helping local primary schools, charity shops and elderly residential homes. All our help is hugely appreciated, with the feedback from host sites invariably being outstanding."

Niall McCarthy Community Service Programme

Haileybury in the local community

Haileybury reaching out

Haileybury is committed to its role in shaping its pupils to be caring and thoughtful individuals, able and willing to contribute to society.

Our Community Service programme is for Sixth Form pupils and operates on Wednesday afternoons. This might involve acting as classroom assistants at local primary schools, helping the elderly, organising football training or decorating a local church hall.

The programme also affords a rewarding opportunity for pupils to fulfil service hours for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme or the CAS programme operated within the International Baccalaureate.

Projects that otherwise may not exist

Haileybury’s ethos is to create projects run by Haileyburians that would not exist without our help.

Our pupils host Haileybury afternoon teas for local elderly residents, run weekly bingo sessions and provide specialist coaching to local primary pupils in Art, Dance, Chess, Italian, Java programming and many other disciplines.

External placements are in the local community of Hoddesdon, Hertford, Ware, Broxbourne and Hertford Heath and range from visiting two residential homes for the elderly, working in 11 local primary schools, six charity shops and visiting seniors living in the local community. There is also a long-standing commitment with a local school for disabled children.

We have particularly strong links with Haileybury Turnford, where pupils also help in editing the school magazine and, at the request of local parents, assist in teaching Italian to the children.

Pupil enrichment

The programme provides an extremely enriching experience for pupils, broadening their horizons and providing an enhanced sense of self-worth.

Approximately 65 pupils are placed in the local community, a figure which we aimed to increase to 80 by 2015. The aim is for all Sixth Form pupils to undertake community service for at least half an academic year.

Can you help us?

External placements are always popular and Haileybury is seeking more opportunities for pupils to work within the local community. If you are aware of such opportunities or if you work with an organisation seeking such support, please contact Niall McCarthy.


Niall McCarthy is responsible for the Community Service Programme. He has been at Haileybury since August 2008 and has been a tutor in Thomason since September 2013, having previously been Assistant House Master in Trevelyan. In school Niall teaches Mathematics, runs Community Service and coaches Squash, Football and Chess.

Niall was educated at De La Salle College Dundalk, University of Ulster and Queen's University Belfast where he is currently undertaking a Masters in Educational Studies. Previous to teaching, he worked as a Mechanical Engineer, ran his own courier business for four years and taught in Bangkok, Thailand, for five years.

Now settled in Haileybury, he lives on site with wife Goy and two young children Sean and Niamh. Niall enjoys playing squash, football and beating his Fifth form tutees at card games. He is a lifelong fan of Dundalk FC.

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