fbpx Music Week - Haileybury

Music Week


  • Day

    Tuesday 15 October 2019

  • Time

    7.30 pm

  • Location

    Bradby Hall

Music Week is celebrated in style at Haileybury. From the whole-school House Song to ensemble and solo competitions, these are days to celebrate the sheer vibrancy of musical life here.

Talent-spotting is also an essential part of the week, with many pupils performing in public for the first time. Other exciting parts of the week are the various ‘fringe’ events that take place around the campus. Look out for posters detailing, among others, jazz nights and ‘open mic’ evenings.

Show dates and times:

Tuesday 7.30 pm – House Solos

Wednesday 6.00 pm – House Ensembles

Thursday 6.00 pm – House Songs

Open to pupils and staff only.