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Additional Resources

The websites in the table below offer learning material that will consolidate, extend or develop the learning within the taught curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to make use of the resources widely, where appropriate. Equally, some specific tasks set by class teachers may make use of the resources below in order to further enhance and support the learning.

GCSE Pod  Selection of GCSE subjects
Exam Fit  Maths GCSE
Seneca  Variety of different subjects for GCSE and A level
UPLearn!  A-level Economics and Psychology
BBC Bitesize  KS3/GCSE
Khan Academy  Maths and Science for all ages
Kahoot All years
EdX  Sixth Form
Quizlet All years
Quizziz  All years
Languages online  All years
This is languages   Removes to Fifths
Online Resource Portal The HIKS online portal