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How It Works: Pre-Sixth Form Course

Apart from your timetabled lessons in the morning, you will need to organise your work in a way that works for you. For example you may choose to study one subject per day, two subjects per day or spend a little bit of time on each of your four subjects each morning.

Independent Research Project

The aim of this project is for you to work in pairs or small groups to focus on a particular aspect of one of your chosen subjects for the Pre-Sixth Form courses to produce a 10 minute Zoom presentation.

The project should focus on either a key idea or specific person that has had a significant impact on your field of research.

You should be able to explain the relevance of that idea or person both at that time in history as well as its significance to life today (you can choose any time period within reason but you should be able to relate your research to everyday life).

Yellow tickets will be awarded to the best presentation for each subject and prizes awarded for the overall best projects across the year group.

Your afternoon timetable remains largely unchanged. There is a little bit of time after lunch for you to keep working and then you will be able to use your workshops to contact your teachers if you have any questions about the tasks you have been set.

The normal expectation would be that you would attend at least one workshop a week for each of your four subjects since these are the key times for you to receive support with your courses.

You will continue to follow the co-curricular programme as usual as well as completing your Academic Journal at the end of the day

On a Friday, you will need to work on the other two aspects of the Pre-Sixth Form course:

  1. You will work on your Independent Research Project with your partner or small group. The afternoon workshops should be used to keep in touch with your project supervisor about this.
  2. You will access the resources for the Core Skills Course in the Google Classroom for the whole year group – these may include videos to watch and small tasks to complete and will be posted on the Friday morning.