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New Joiners: Pre-Sixth Form Course

We hope that you are looking forward to joining the Sixth Form at Haileybury. You will be part of a fantastic year group made up of pupils from a wide range of countries and cultures – all of whom will give you a warm welcome and help you to settle in quickly.

There is no expectation for you to follow a timetable but the one here has been put together as a suggestion. It might help you to structure your day and is similar to the timetable that our current Fifths (Year 11) pupils are following.


It is very much up to you how much time you spend on the Pre-Sixth Form courses and how much you would like to get involved in school life at the moment.

  • What are the aims of the Pre-Sixth Form courses?

    These courses have been put together by the Haileybury teachers to give you an introduction to your studies in the Sixth Form.

    They are a really exciting opportunity to find out a bit more about the ideas and concepts that you will be studying as well as enabling you to start developing the key skills that will help you to become successful independent learners.

    There is no expectation for new joiners to have completed any of these courses so you should not worry if you are only able to get involved in some of them or indeed none of them. Your new teachers in September will begin their courses at the appropriate level for everyone regardless of which courses have been studied prior to joining Haileybury.

    The idea is very much for you to be able to dip in and out of the different courses and get a flavour of the different subjects, be they A levels or the IB diploma.

  • How many subjects should I study?

    The suggestion is that you follow the courses for four subjects.

    So if you are intending to study A levels from September then you might follow the three subjects that you have already signed up for and then possibly one other. This will be useful for those of you who may be unsure which subjects to study at this stage.

    If you are intending to study the IB at Haileybury then ideally you would pick the three subjects that you intend to study at Higher Level and one other. Again, this is to help you decide which are the right Higher Level choices for you. All of the courses provided are designed to be relevant to A-level and IB pupils so it does not matter which of these programmes you will ultimately be following from September.

  • What resources have been provided?

    All resources for the courses can be found in the folders on the Google Drive here.

    These will include pre-recorded introductory lessons, power-point presentations and a range of tasks for you to complete, if you wish.

  • Will I get to meet any teachers?

    Once a week on a Wednesday afternoon, some of the Haileybury teachers will be available for you to talk to via Zoom workshops.

    It is very much up to you whether you would like to contact your teachers and there is no expectation for you to do so.

    This is an opportunity for you to discuss the different resources that you have accessed, some of the key ideas that you have been introduced to and perhaps more general questions you may have about how the courses will run in September.

  • What else can I get involved with?

    You have been given access to the fantastic Connected School platform which all Haileybury pupils are signed up to. There is a wide variety of activities taking place outside of the academic curriculum and you are very much welcome to get involved in some of them.

    The Connected School platform is divided up into three sections:

    Connected Learning – you have accessed this today to find this information about the academic courses.

    Connected Wellbeing – full of ideas and resources for wellbeing and positive mental health. This section includes information about Chapel which is an important part of Haileybury life.

    Connected Co-curricular – contains a huge bank of activities that you can get involved in, including sport, music, drama and a wide range of societies and events.

    The first place to look on these pages are the Noticeboard and the Connected Magazine to give you some ideas of what is going on and what you might like to get involved with.

    Do take time to explore the different pages on the Connected School platform. There is lots for you to get involved in now if you wish or to look forward to trying out in September.