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Higher Education and Careers

While over the next few weeks we will be teaching Haileybury pupils using a variety of different tasks to support learning, consolidation and revision the school is also providing resources and support for pupils to continue to develop their research into higher education and careers opportunities. 

Individualised contact remains very important, especially when it comes to seeking bespoke support and advice regarding a pupil’s future choices. During their weekly call with their tutor via Zoom pupils in the Lower Sixth should ensure they take time to discuss their next steps and seek advice and guidance about their applications.

It is a great time for pupils to begin drafting their Personal Statement, considering the technicalities of an Overseas Application and completing a formal and professional CV.

There will be a series of Haileybury Connect webinars every Thursday at 6.00 pm for members of the Lower Sxith.

The What It’s Like series will consider an aspect of life at university. Most will be about university courses and all will include former pupils currently at university. Lower Sixth participants will be encouraged to ask questions.

Catch up with the webinars here.

Please find listed below a series of suggested resources to enable pupils to continue their personal research into university courses and career opportunities alongside a number of useful resources to assist pupils in developing their personal statement and CV.

If any support is needed from a technological perspective, please contact support@haileybury.com and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

Writing your CV 1

Writing your CV 2

CV Template (School Leaver)

CV Template (Graduate)