Careers and university advice

For every pupil, making the right choices is crucial to a fulfilling and rewarding life. At Haileybury, our careers and universities advice service equips pupils with the information, guidance and assistance they need to define their next steps.

Careers and university advice

Careers and university – come and talk to us

A complete advice service

The Careers Department offers a whole host of services designed to help pupils understand the opportunities open to them and to make the most of them.

As well as advice on careers and applying to university, we also offer guidance about gap years, work experience and sponsorship.

Help with planning gap years

For many pupils, a gap year offers a welcome break from study before embarking on their degree. But others take a gap year for additional reasons such as:

  • Exploring some of the interests they had nurtured at school to help inform them whether this was the right career path.
  • Gaining work experience in a chosen field in order to benefit their future studies or career.
  • Gaining experience of different cultures and lifestyles; perhaps working for a charity in the UK or abroad.

Our Careers Department is there to help pupils with advice and information on suitable places and projects. We also have a number of links with overseas charities and have information on funding and sponsorship possibilities.

Work experience

Work experience is a fantastic way for every pupil to explore their potential and capabilities. It is also an advantage when the time comes to write their personal statements.

At Haileybury we encourage pupils to embark on some form of work experience during the Lower Sixth and the summer holidays. One-day placement schemes (careers scope courses) run by careers guidance service ISCO are an ideal opportunity to do this and to make initial contact with a company.

Careers Fair

For pupils looking to explore what opportunities are open to them, or to learn more about a chosen career path, the Careers Department hosts a Careers Fair each year.

The Careers Fair gives pupils an opportunity to talk informally with recent graduates and new recruits to professions, in order to gain an insight into various professions.

The Department also holds a great deal of information on careers in industry and pupils are encouraged to use this facility.


Today, with increasing financial pressure on students at university to pay tuition fees, there has been an increased interest in sponsorship opportunities from companies looking to support students through university.

It must be remembered that such awards are usually tied to future employment and so must therefore be considered with care. The department is ideally placed to offer advice on gaining sponsorship and understanding the pitfalls involved.

Scholarships with the Armed Forces

Haileybury has had a long-standing link with the Armed Forces and a number of our pupils apply for Forces scholarships. We can provide tailored, specific advice to all pupils wishing to apply for a scholarship with the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force or the British Army.

Careers Department opening hours

The Head of Careers is available to meet with all pupils at any time during the week although a specific drop-in clinic operates every Tuesday afternoon. Pupils can email: to arrange an appointment.

The Main School Library stocks a range of brochures which pupils can reference although all information can now be found online. 

Preparing for a life ahead

The encouragement of aspiration

At Haileybury, encouragement of pupils' aspirations is central to everything we do – in terms of their school life, their university choices and their career preferences.

It is a key function of the Careers team to ensure that every pupil is encouraged to explore the limits of their passions and curiosity in order to make the most informed decisions about where they see their futures lie.

Not just for Sixth Form

Although careers and university advice is usually sought by pupils in the Sixth Form, at Haileybury, we believe that every pupil should seek to find their passion early on in their time here. For this reason, we invite everyone to use this service to help them understand what might be available to them in the years ahead.

Post I/GCSE advice

The Haileybury ethos is very much about helping every pupil explore their passion to enable them to lead an enriching and fulfilling life. For some, this may not include a university career but instead the pursuit of a vocational or sporting aim.

We also offer advice to pupils who leave post I/GCSE and need guidance thereafter.

Applying for university

At Haileybury, our aim is that every pupil should gain a place at their first choice university. This means that the most significant role of the Careers Department is to offer advice with regard to universities and degree courses.

With this in mind, pupils must complete their university application in the Upper Sixth year with all Sixth Formers invited to meet with the university adviser to discuss their future plans.

UK, America and Europe

The department offers advice and information on applications to universities in the United Kingdom, as well as for a number of American and European universities.

All university applications to UK universities are done through the central Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Pupils are required to complete an online application form in order to apply to course and universities.

Applications to universities outside the UK are arranged through the Fulbright Commission rather than through the College (see below).

Help with personal statements

Today, a core component of applications to UK universities is the personal statement, a detailed account showing why the pupil is interested in the course they wish to study and to talk of recent achievements.

This is a notoriously onerous task and one which should be given a lot of thought and careful consideration. We encourage our pupils to start writing the personal statement at the end of the Lower Sixth, and to ask their personal tutor to read and comment on several drafts of this statement.

Additional resources

As well as offering core guidance on careers, the department also advises on work experience, sponsorship and effective gap years. It houses an extensive library of books and prospectuses relating to universities and colleges in the UK and overseas.

Essential information for careers and university

The links below will provide pupils with more information about applying for university.

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