All Rounder Scholarships

Haileybury's All Rounder Scholarships reflect on those pupils who can demonstrate convincing achievement in up to three key disciplines. We are particularly interested in hearing from pupils who seek to grow these capabilities, hone their skills and contribute significantly to the life of the College.

All Rounder Scholarships

An opportunity for pupils with multiple talents

All Rounder Scholarships at Haileybury are offered only to candidates joining the College at 11+ entry (Year 7). They are designed to support those pupils who have demonstrable high creative or technical ability in up to three disciplines.

Each Scholarship is awarded on the basis of how a prospective pupil will enrich and contribute to the overall life of the College and may also reflect the leadership potential of a given candidate.

What we offer

All Rounder scholars receive a fee remission and the amount is at the discretion of the Master. Successful candidates gain enormously from the enrichment they receive. Each Scholarship is awarded on merit and is not means tested.


All Rounder Scholarships are only offered to pupils joining Haileybury at 11+ entry and are highly competitive.

All Rounder Scholarships at 11+ entry

Candidates are expected to offer evidence of outstanding achievement in two or three of the following disciplines: sport; music; drama; art and design technology. Depending on the discipline selected, we would expect to see evidence of the following in each application:

  • Music: details of instruments and grades, choirs, orchestras etc.
  • Sport: details of sports played and teams in which the pupil competes
  • Drama: details of stage experience, clubs and productions
  • Art: a current portfolio and/or some existing artwork (no more than 10 pieces) for assessment.

Candidates will undergo a practical assessment of their particular strengths with the appropriate Head of Department. Support references will also be necessary from each candidate's current sports coaches and/or, music, art and drama teachers.

Applying for an All Rounder Scholarship

Applications for Scholarships are assessed as part of our admissions process, details of which (and timelines) are given below:

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