Music Scholarships

At Haileybury, Music Scholarships are seen as a reflection of the commitment, drive and passion of our most talented and musically-ambitious pupils. The College is particularly interested in hearing from young musicians who have the hunger, drive and creativity to be the best musician they can possibly be - able to enhance their own skills and, of course, the reputation of Haileybury.

Music Scholarships

A fabulous opportunity

Music Scholarships at Haileybury can be offered at 11+,13+ and 16+ entry. Designed to offer the specialist musician the prestige and training worthy of such an award, Haileybury Music Scholars are the backbone of the College's musical activity.

What we offer

For our Scholars, the Music Department offers a bespoke package of training and experience, including numerous opportunities to sit with, perform alongside, watch or learn directly from professional musicians, both from inside and outside the College.

Workshops, concert trips, master-classes, visits to conservatoires, consultation lessons and performing with a full-size professional symphony orchestra are all part of the Haileybury Music Scholar experience, as are opportunities to experience elements of music-making not commonly taught at secondary level (e.g. conducting).

Music scholars receive a fee remission and the amount is at the discretion of the Master. The award can also include music lessons on one to three instruments (at the discretion of the Director of Music).

What we are looking for

While attainment, technique and creative flair are key requisites, potential and aspiration are just as important.

Haileybury's Music Department is just as interested (if not more so) in seeing and hearing from young musicians with the hunger, drive and creativity to be the best musician they can possibly be, regardless of how many grades or exams have been taken.

Responsibility of Scholars

For any musician, perseverance and rigour are key ingredients to success, as is the ability to think independently. Haileybury's Music Scholars are, therefore, expected to be the Music Department's number one champions, leading by example and with enthusiasm and energy for the discipline.

Applying for a Music Scholarship

Applications for Scholarships are assessed as part of our admissions process, details of which (and timelines) are given below:

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