Honorary Scholarships

Honorary Scholarships are highly prized and can be awarded to existing Haileyburians at the discretion of the Master in recognition of a pupil's contribution to the College.

Honorary Scholarships

Types of Honorary Scholarship

Honorary Academic Scholarships can be awarded to those moving from Lower School 1 to Lower School 2, from Lower School 2 into Removes, and for those moving from Removes to Middles.

Honorary Academic, Sport and Music Scholarships can be awarded to pupils moving from Lower School 2 into Removes and to pupils in Fifths as they move into Lower Sixth.

In addition Honorary Academic Scholarships are also awarded to new entrants with high I/GCSE or Middle Year Programme results.

Benefits of an Honorary Scholarship

Typically, an Honorary Scholarship will comprise an award of vouchers (e.g. book tokens) plus will result in a pupil being admitted into the College's enrichment groups.

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