Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships

Haileybury has excellent facilities in art and design technology. Scholarships offered in these subjects reflect significant creative or innovative talent and an independence of thought. The College is particularly interested in hearing from pupils who have the passion, technique and creativity to stretch themselves, push new boundaries and contribute to the artistic and creative life of the College.

Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships

A superb opportunity for those with artistic or creative capability

Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships at Haileybury are designed to reward and encourage those pupils who show exceptional creative and/or technical promise and have a demonstrable interest in the subject.

At Haileybury, there is no house style; pupils are encouraged to explore a range of styles and media, to develop their own personal style and aesthetic.

Each Scholarship is awarded on the basis of personal innovation and experimentation and how a prospective pupil may challenge artistic and design thinking.

What we offer

As with all our Scholarships, each is awarded on merit and is not means tested. Art and/or Design Technology scholars receive a fee remission and the amount is at the discretion of the Master.

Successful candidates gain significantly from the additional enrichment they receive. This may include:

  • Enrichment trips off-site e.g. Museum Exhibitions, Galleries and University/Art School visits
  • Lectures on or off-site from experts in their respective field
  • Encouragement and expectation that scholars will participate in nationally-recognised competitions
  • Extended use of the College's extensive Art and Design Technology facilities

What we seek

Art and/or Design Technology Scholars are those who really show the potential to offer significant capability and innovation. The qualities we seek from potential Scholars include some or all of the following:

  • A solid portfolio of material showing a real interest, technical capability and creative flair
  • An ability to think differently or objectively about the world around them
  • A fundamental interest in Art or Design Technology and the eloquence to talk around or about subjects they are interested in (e.g a particular artist)
  • Evidence of success (e.g. participation in exhibitions or competitive success)

Art and/or Design Technology Scholars at Haileybury are expected to take Art and/or Design Technology to GCSE level or A Level/International Baccalaureate level respectively.


Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships are only offered to pupils joining Haileybury at 13+ and at 16+.

Candidates are expected to offer evidence of outstanding achievement by bringing examples of artwork and sketch books. Each candidate will undergo a practical assessment and an interview with the Head of Art and/or Design Technology.

Applying for an Art of Design Technology Scholarship

Applications for Scholarships are assessed as part of our admissions process, details of which (and timelines) are given below:

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