Bursaries are offered to talented candidates, or those in signficant pastoral need,whom the College believes would be a major asset to the school and would be most likely to gain from a Haileybury education.

Bursaries at Haileybury

Bursaries are offered to make it possible for talented pupils or those in significant pastoral need, whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees, to benefit from an education at Haileybury.

Financial assistance is based on means-testing the household income and assets using a formula widely used within the independent sector and may include a home visit.

Application and award

Parents are required to make a written statement to support their application. Bursary applications should be submitted prior to the entrance examination dates.

The number of awards made in any one year will vary according to the quality and circumstances of candidates and the availability of funds. The final decision will be made by the overseeing Governors' Committee who can award either a proportion of the fees or in exceptional cases full fees. All bursaries are reviewed annually.

Means-tested Sibling Discount

Means-tested sibling discounts are available and if awarded they are applied to the lower fee and only during school years when a family has more than one child attending Haileybury.


Please contact the Registrar, Mrs Michele Metcalfe, for all bursary and sibling discount enquiries: 01992 706353

    Haileybury Hertford SG13 7NU 01992 706200 Registered charity number 310013