Admissions Policy

Haileybury welcomes candidates from different countries, ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. We are committed to equal treatment for all, including children with disabilities, and our extensive College policies ensure that every pupil is educated and cared for in a safe and supportive environment.

Admissions policy at Haileybury

At Haileybury we take our responsibility to all our pupils extremely seriously, irrespective of race, religion or disability. We are committed to helping every boy and girl on their learning journey to challenge themselves and grow in all that they seek to achieve. 

For more information, please see our admissions policy and booklet.

Equal treatment

Haileybury welcomes candidates from many different ethnic groups, background and creeds. However, as an Anglican Christian foundation, we expect all pupils to attend Chapel services unless special permission is granted from the Master.

The candidate's nationality, religious faith, area of residence or socio-economic group will not be taken into account when assessing a pupil for admission at Haileybury.


Haileybury has in recent years made very considerable adjustments to its buildings and facilities to ensure that they provide access around the College for those who are disabled.

We will continue to do all that is reasonable to ensure that the College's culture, policies and procedures are such that the educational opportunities at Haileybury are made accessible to children with disabilities.

When a disability or special educational need is made known to us we will consult with parents and make reasonable adjustments to our admissions procedures to enable a pupil to satisfy our admission requirements.


Parents or guardians must disclose, as soon as possible, any known or suspected circumstances relating to their children's health, disabilities, learning or behavioural difficulties.

Where an applicant has an established, pre-existing learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia etc) parents should explain this at the time of application so that the needs of the child can be discussed.

Educational Psychologist reports should be provided before any entry tests are taken. This is firstly so that access arrangements can be clarified and discussion of appropriate support can take place; and secondly to ensure that a child's needs can be reasonably met before an offer of a place is made.

Updated Educational Psychologist reports should be provided to the school if they are completed after the entrance tests have been taken.

College Policies

Haileybury has a comprehensive set of policies to support each and every pupil in our care. Our policies are regularly updated and revised; key policies can be found in full in the policies section of our Publications page (follow link below)

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