Applying for Scholarships at 16+ entry

Applying for Scholarships at 16+ entry

Haileybury awards scholarships to pupils who wish to develop their area of expertise and inspire others both within and outside the school. 

Scholarships available at 16+ entry

For external candidates joining Haileybury at 16+ entry, Academic, Music, Sport, Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships are available.

All candidates sit Haileybury's standard entrance examinations in English, Mathematics and Reasoning and will also have an interview with a senior member of staff.

Academic Scholarships

Haileybury awards Sixth Form Academic Scholarships to pupils who can articulate a clear vision for how they will further develop an area of existing academic expertise. In line with Haileybury's ethos of serving others, we award scholarships to those pupils who also demonstrate an aptitude for cascading knowledge and engaging others, both within and beyond the school.

Haileybury does not require 16+ candidates to submit a separate application for an Academic Scholarship. An Academic Scholarship will be awarded to candidates who are outstanding in their performance, both in our entrance examinations and interview.

Music Scholarships

Candidates will normally offer two instruments, one of which may be voice. A minimum standard of Grade VII or VIII in the main instrument is expected.

Candidates will have an audition and an interview with the Director of Music and may also submit and perform their own compositions.

Sport Scholarships

High performance in a nominated sport, leadership skills and a first class attitude are all essential. We award scholarships to girls in hockey, netball, lacrosse and tennis; and to boys in rugby, cricket, hockey and football. There is the opportunity to showcase your ability in more than just the nominated sport(s), if you wish, but it is certainly not a prerequisite. We are aware that, in some cases, specialisation has already occurred at this age.

Haileybury scholars are expected to be active and positive contributors to the College's sporting life throughout the year, setting an impeccable example on and off the field of play.

Every scholar will also be invited to join the HHPP (Haileybury High Performance Programme) and thus have the best possible chance of maximising their potential.

Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships

Candidates are expected to offer evidence of outstanding achievement by bringing examples of artwork and sketchbooks. Candidates will undergo a practical assessment and an interview with the Head of Art and/or Design Technology.

Drama Scholarships

Candidates are expected to offer evidence of outstanding theatrical ability. Candidates should be prepared to perform two contrasting audition pieces of approximately 2-3 minutes in duration. The chosen pieces should be monologues the candidate is comfortable with and feels confident to perform. Previous LAMDA speeches are ideal. Candidates should also provide a song (ideally with backing track) or sheet music for accompaniment to assess musical theatre ability.

Candidates should also provide evidence of previous drama experience such as School Plays, Extra-Curricular Drama lessons, theatre school experience, dance or singing qualifications, LAMDA qualifications or professional experience where possible. There will be a short interview with the Director of Drama and the candidate will have the opportunity to discuss their dramatic interests and aspirations.

Applying for Scholarships at 16+

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