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At Haileybury, service and giving to others are key parts of the School ethos. In the Upper Sixth, becoming a School Prefect is fundamental to this ideology.

“It is an honour to be elected as a Head of School or a School Prefect, knowing that your teachers and peers have the confidence in you to perform such an important role.”

Quote from current prefect.

We actively encourage pupils to accept responsible leadership roles within the School community and there is a variety of opportunities for boys and girls who seek this distinction.

These include: Heads and Deputy Heads of School; Heads of House; Lower School Prefects; Activities Prefects; International Prefects; Peer Support Prefects; Performing Arts Prefects; Sports Prefects and a Prefect responsible for External Relations.

Duties of prefects

Typically, our prefects are crucial in setting the tone for the School, influencing attitudes and providing a link between pupils and adults across the campus.

They play a key role in pupil wellbeing and are central to our commitment to supportive pastoral care.

Appointment of prefects

The Master appoints the Heads of School and the Deputy Heads of School, one boy and one girl in each category, who are supported by the School Prefects. These include all the Heads of House, who are nominated by their Housemasters and Housemistresses.

House Prefects are also appointed by their Housemasters and Housemistresses. House Prefects have responsibilities within the House and around the school during House Duty Weeks.

Below is a complete list of prefects for the current academic year:

Heads of School:

Jack Barnes

Milly Watmough

Deputy Heads of School:

Emilie Mathieu

Tom Major

Heads of House:

Alban’s (Alb) Lottie Bloomfield
Allenby (Aby) Selina Di Leto
Bartle Frere (BFr) Urav Shah
Batten (B) Tariq Wild
Colvin (C) Salima Elfarouki
Edmonstone (E) Charlie Maytum
Hailey (H) Diya Walia
Kipling (K) Raif Elmas
Lawrence (L) Zane Bassey-Eyo
Melvill (M) Tia Patel
Thomason (Th) James White
Trevelyan (Tr) Alex Ledger

Academic Prefects:

Jessamy Guest
Julian Homann
Sola Morota-Alakija
Fabian Bindley
Lily Hunter

Activities & Events Prefects:

Caitlyn Fulford
Charlotte Chadwick-Jones
Gian Pietro Pittatore

Admissions & Marketing Prefects:

Pauline L├╝tzenkirchen
Jay Mathur

Arts Prefect:

Tom Foreman

Charities Prefects:

Federico D’Arrigo
Luca Fusco

Environment Prefects:

Layla Keating
Mahaut Moortgat

International Prefects:

Benedetta de Vizzi Rickmers
Yahya Fouladinejad

Lower School Prefect

Matthew Reade

Lower School Academic Prefects

Guido Gnecco
Sasha-Lee Pescod

Lower School Activities & Events Prefects

Georgina Hodson
Tara Tripp

Lower School Sport Prefects

Ella Payne-Cook
Hallie Copping-Jones

Sport Prefects

Harry West
Niamh Beagan

Wellbeing Prefects

Sayo Salako
Issy Tyers
Vicky Curley
Ben Watkins