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At Haileybury, service and giving to others are key parts of the School ethos. In the Upper Sixth, becoming a School Prefect is fundamental to this ideology.

“It is an honour to be elected as a Head of School or a School Prefect, knowing that your teachers and peers have the confidence in you to perform such an important role.”

Quote from current prefect.

We actively encourage pupils to accept responsible leadership roles within the School community and there is a variety of opportunities for boys and girls who seek this distinction.

These include: Heads and Deputy Heads of School; Heads of House; Lower School Prefects; Activities Prefects; International Prefects; Peer Support Prefects; Performing Arts Prefects; Sports Prefects and a Prefect responsible for External Relations.

Duties of prefects

Typically, our prefects are crucial in setting the tone for the School, influencing attitudes and providing a link between pupils and adults across the campus.

They play a key role in pupil wellbeing and are central to our commitment to supportive pastoral care.

Appointment of prefects

The Master appoints the Heads of School and the Deputy Heads of School, one boy and one girl in each category, who are supported by the School Prefects. These include all the Heads of House, who are nominated by their Housemasters and Housemistresses.

House Prefects are also appointed by their Housemasters and Housemistresses. House Prefects have responsibilities within the House and around the school during House Duty Weeks.

Below is a complete list of prefects for the current academic year:

Heads of School:

Zain Ahmad

Maddeline Aves

Deputy Heads of School:

Annabel Cartwright

Aloysius Gash

Heads of House:

Alban’s (Alb) Katherine Rayfield
Allenby (Aby) Keira Macrae
Bartle Frere (BFr) Frederick Baylis
Batten (B) Jack Holloway
Colvin (C) Rebecca Zarbafi
Edmonstone (E) Nicolas Pena
Hailey (H) Elisa Rozzanigo
Kipling (Ki) Tristan Anderson
Lawrence (L) Alexis Ritter
Von Rakoszyn
Melvill (M) Rosanna Parry
Thomason (Th) Daniel Cannon
Trevelyan (Tr) Reece Posner

Academic Prefects:

Christopher Conybeare
Ariana Gureja
Guendalina Spigarelli

Activities & Events Prefects:

Daisy Button
Lewis Cooper

Admissions & Marketing Prefects:

Jamie Cotton
Carolin Lange

Charities & Service Prefects:

Honor Harding
Jack Hewitt

Diversity & Inclusion Prefects

Tahira Banerji
Luca Sfragara

Drama Prefect

Jay Shah

International Prefects:

Jacopo Boncompagni Ludovsi
Siena Westcott-Toi

Lower School Prefects

Elizabeth McKenna
Folake Adekunle
Stuart Cuff

Music Prefect

Lilibet Philpott

Sport Prefects

Scarlett Spavin
Thomas Wrigley

Sustainability Prefects

Leanne Hemmings
Elleson Nicolas
Molly Brennan
Jacob Stanley

Wellbeing Prefects

Megan Heard-Meadows
Hadrien Moortgat