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Haileybury offers music courses at GCSE, A level and International Baccalaureate (IB) levels, as well as an extensive co-curricular music programme.

At GCSE, the three main components of the course are performing, composing and listening/analysing (examined and worth 40%).

Pupils submit two recordings for their performing: one solo, and one ensemble (typically a duet).

The composition component is taught in academic lesson time and there is no necessity for any composing experience prior to taking the course.

The listening/analysing component is taught through four set areas of study: classical music to 1910, popular music, traditional music, and classical music since 1910.

The content of the Music GCSE syllabus complements the one-to-one work undertaken
by pupils in their instrumental/singing lessons, ultimately making them better informed
musicians with a broader understanding of the repertoire they are learning and laying/singing.

Furthermore the course develops the core skills required at both IB Diploma and A-level
Music, and ultimately for the study of music beyond school at university/conservatoire.

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