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The History course focuses mainly on Twentieth-Century history, beginning with an investigation into Stalin’s brutal dictatorship and control of the USSR from 1924-53.

Middles then go on to look at domestic history in the USA 1945-73, with heavy emphasis on the civil rights movement. It is with an eye to this part of the course that the History department aims to run a trip each year to Alabama and Georgia, to contextualise the learning and give students an opportunity to see where everything happened in the ‘Deep South’ of America.

Pupils in Fifths study the Vietnam War and the development of medicine from the mid Nineteenth Century to the introduction of the NHS. The course supports pupils in investigating key concepts such as totalitarianism and democracy. Many of the themes provide opportunities to discuss current national and global issues.

The course is superb for providing transferable skills such as improving literacy, learning to construct arguments, write convincingly and analyse a huge range of source material to synthesise and evaluate arguments. The department places a high priority on teaching students to think critically.