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At Haileybury, pupils studying economics have a deep and meaningful interest in the world around them.

Why study economics at Haileybury?

Economics affects many aspects of our lives, from personal finances and interest rates, to supply and demand in global markets and government policies. Studying economics gives you a better understanding of how society uses the world’s resources. It also develops highly transferable critical thinking and analytical skills.

The study of economics opens many rewarding career paths, such as in investment or commercial banking, government policy, actuarial science, consultancy, analytics, wealth management, audit and compliance, to name a few.

Academic pathways

Haileybury offers Sixth Form pupils the option to study economics for A levels or the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

While both courses cover similar topics, the A level course primarily focuses on UK-specific economic issues and policies. In contrast, the IB course encourages pupils to relate economics theories to global contexts and current events with an emphasis on understanding and analysing issues from multiple viewpoints.

Beyond the curriculum

Haileybury pupils are encouraged to participate in pupil-led societies and competitions and we are privileged to regularly host on-site lectures from expert speakers.