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Digital Technology at Haileybury

As a school our desire is to develop learners who are academically ambitious, intellectually curious, imaginative and independent. It is a truly exciting time in Haileybury’s digital learning journey. Technology is integrated into our teaching and learning processes so that it supplements, augments and underpins the innovative curricula that we provide for all of our pupils.

From September 2020, every pupil and staff member has had their own iPad, keyboard case and stylus. This allows everyone to access information and knowledge in a split second.

We train all pupils and staff to use the platforms and technology available to them. We believe in empowering our learners and staff to make the best use of the resources available whilst also ensuring that we provide a support network and training resources which are always available.

We are a National Online Safety accredited school, highlighting our commitment to ensuring that online safety is community-wide. All members of staff and parents are given access to the National Online Safety portal which is packed with up-to-date resources and information. We have recently created the role of Digital Safety Co-ordinator to oversee the development of digital safety within the school.

Craig O’Brien
Director of Digital Learning

Teaching practices allow for dynamic research and learning in the classroom whilst also providing a uniform access point to all of the digital resources available at Haileybury.

Pupils are given access to a number of innovative apps which they use across different subjects. Our Haileybury and Information Knowledge Service (HIKS) gives our school community access to a plethora of academic databases and journals.

Our one-to-one iPad scheme also gives parents access to an app which allows them greater control and flexibility when pupils are away from school.

We use the GSuite for Education (Google) apps as our main workflow system in conjunction with other software solutions. Files are typically stored using Google Drive and all teacher-to-pupil workflow is communicated through Google Classroom. Everyone at Haileybury also has the full Microsoft office package available to them – free of charge.

We have heavily invested in a state-of-the-art wireless network with classrooms and boarding houses all receiving new, reliable, high-speed wifi. Each classroom is fitted with an Apple TV, projector or TV screen with a desktop computer.