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1:1 Apple Device Scheme

At Haileybury, we use digital technology to enhance and augment our teaching and learning. Now more than ever, we rely on digital technology to share, learn, and problem solve, with the iPad and in the Sixth Form, MacBook, playing a central role in the way we communicate. One of our aims as a school is to educate our pupils on how to use technology sensibly and to positively enhance their digital knowledge and learning experiences. This, in turn, will help prepare our young people for their future life and chosen career. We are therefore very excited to integrate the use of Apple technology in all facets of the Haileybury learning experience. This will complement and facilitate work inside and outside of the classroom and enhance the way in which our pupils learn. 


Purchasing Devices

All new devices can and must be purchased through our supplier, Sync, using the following link https://www.wearesync.co.uk/portals/haileybury/ 

If you have any questions or queries on how we use technology to enhance learning at Haileybury or you have any further queries regarding our 1:1 scheme, please do not hesitate to use the 1:1 Apple Device FAQs or alternatively contact Mr Craig O’Brien Assistant Head (Digital Learning) at c.obrien@haileybury.com or on 10992706448