Phones, Devices and Social Media

Being at home, with different structures to the school rules may seem like an opportunity to use your phone and devices far more, but this can also be troublesome.

There are many good reasons why you should limit your time online:

  1. Sleep – is really important for your physical and mental health, and you won’t sleep if you are looking at your phone or ipad late at night. Teenagers typically need a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night – how are you going to achieve this?
    1. Try leaving your devices downstairs, or switch it off, over night. 
    2. Try not to message others, as they need to sleep too. 
    3. Give yourself at least half an hour between your last screen time of the day and going to sleep.
    4. Give yourself regular daily wake up and sleep times; this should stop you feeling as tired during the day. 
  2. Mental Health – Studies have shown that spending too much time on line can have a direct, negative, impact on your mental health. Remember that all the things you read and see online are not always truthful, and they can make you feel low. Look after your mental health by limiting your exposure to these harmful things. 
  3. Your family – this is a strange time, but also a real opportunity to spend time with your family members. Being on your phone/devices all the time excludes those around you; try 
  4. Your work you still need to spend a good amount of time 
  5. Your Physical Health – it is really important for you to stay physically healthy, but exercising and keeping fit are difficult if you are not allowed out for periods of time. The temptation might be to just spend more time online, watching videos or chatting with friends. 
    1. Make an effort to put your phone away, and get outside doing something active – link to co-curricular ideas. 
    2. Schedule a regular, ideally daily, time for exercise and stick to it.


  • Do use reputable websites to find information, e.g. BBC News,Sky News, NHS website, 
  • Do use Social Media platforms to keep in touch with friends
  • Do remember to text individuals, or phone or email them, to stay in contact
  • Do remember that cyberbullying is wrong, and you could still get into trouble when we come back to school if you bully others. 
  • Do set up limits on your phone for how long you think you should spend on different apps each day.
  • Do agree with your family on rules for use of phones – make mealtimes a “no-phone zone” for example. 
  • Do remember that our school community is now spread across the world. You are the ambassadors for Haileybury and your online presence needs to reflect that in a positive light. 
  • Do be careful with photographs.


  • Don’t set up a group chat that excludes others – this is a time for being inclusive, and supporting each other
  • Don’t be unkind, or use offensive language when online – it is not okay to be racist, sexist or homophobic towards or about others. 
  • Don’t post anything that could bring you or the school into disrepute. This is against the school rules and can have serious ramifications. 
  • Don’t send explicit images to others. Once you press send you have lost control.

Please remember that your words and actions can have an incredible impact on others. Make that a positive impact, not a negative one.