Mental Health and Wellbeing

In this section you will find a whole host of resources and ideas to help you help yourself in looking after your Mental Health.

The skills and techniques that you will learn over the coming weeks, will be useful for a lifetime; we hope that this is an opportunity for you to find out what works for you.

What are your coping mechanisms? Do you know when you need to stop, and take time out? What are your triggers / pressure points? How can you better manage your stressors?

These are important life skills that will aid you at university and in the workplace, and so getting to know yourself a little better is no bad thing. 

Remember: it is good to talk. And if you are worried or stressed you can still receive the support and guidance that you would have got if at school. Your tutor, HM, a trusted teacher or the School Counsellor.

Coping Calendar

Talking Heads


Wellbeing Advice