Housemistress: Lucy Dexter

A message from India Rawlin, Head of House: "Head of House means that you become essentially a role model to the younger years and you take care of duties within the house. Having just been appointed Head of House it means a lot to me as I have the privilege to become even more involved in the house. Life in house is constantly lively but my favourite part is that everybody is friendly and good-humoured. I also think its great that even though people are in separate years there still is friendship between different year groups. Colvin is a house which has always been welcoming & lively and the tutors are always excellent from year to year. Dr Dexter has been my housemistress since my first year and has always been outstanding. Dr Dexter is funny and so welcoming to everyone, she is kind, fair and respected. These qualities are ones which I think are necessary in a good housemistress and Dr Dexter embodies all of them and many more. Haileybury is a school which does push you within your academic ability, as do most schools, but Haileybury is a place which as soon as you arrive welcomes you in to its busy world. There is never a moment where you have nothing to do, there is so much on offer including sports, activities, arts and musical events to take part in. The grounds are beautiful as everyone notices as they enter the school, being in the middle of Hertfordshire only a short walk from the town but being in such a breathtaking campus. Being in the Upper Sixth and looking back at how everybody has flourished is remarkable, Haileybury turns you into a confident, well-rounded individual and being in Colvin enhances this by being surrounded by such friendly people."


There are six Colvin Tutors, who work together with the Housemistress. They have all written a little bit about themselves below. Hopefully this information will give you a feel about the different personalities involved in the House.

Dr Lucy Dexter (Housemistress) - Teacher of Chemistry

Dr Dexter has worked at Haileybury since August 2005 as a Teacher of Chemistry, followed by a stint as Head of PHSE and Assistant Housemistress in Melvill, where she tutored the Sixth Form for four years. She became the Housemistress of Colvin in the summer of 2009. She has high expectations of the girls in her care and looks forward to seeing them all be successful in their own way. In her spare time, Dr Dexter enjoys walking, swimming, cooking and travel. She has a budgie called Bertie who can always be heard tweeting away in her flat and who loves attention from the girls!

Miss Hettie Pretorius (Assistant Housemistress & Fifths Tutor) - Teacher of Physics

Miss Pretorius attended Potchefstroom University, South Africa, where she read Science and Education and completed a BSc, BEd and MEd degree. She completed 7 years of teaching in South Africa before relocating to England. In the following 2 years she taught at Bishop Stopford's School in Enfield where she completed her QTS. She then spent 7 years at Prior's Field School where she was a live-in tutor in the 6th Form House, Head of the Design Technology Department and also ran a Greenpower club.

Miss Pretorius has recently taken a year out of teaching to volunteer at a community resource centre in Zambia. This was an amazing experience and she loved working with the 150 orphans at Isubilo, working in a clinic for underweight babies. Most of the clients at Isubilo are HIV positive and they also suffer from TB and at times with Malaria. You can imagine that these illnesses affect their lives in big way.

Miss Pretorius loves teaching Design Technology and Physics and enjoys solving design solutions. She is a keen squash player and netball and rugby supporter and likes to support the girls in all House activities. In her spare time and during holidays she likes to read, travel and hike.

Ms Emily Coutts (Resident Tutor & Removes Tutor) - Teacher of English

Ms Coutts attended Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, where she read English. Once she'd graduated, she spent a year working in publishing before going on to take a PGCE at London's Institute of Education. Her first teaching job was at Hereford Sixth Form College, and she is now in her third year at Haileybury.

Although she loves teaching English, Ms Coutts also enjoys lots of the other activities which Haileybury has to offer. She runs Debating at Haileybury and helps with rowing. As Resident Tutor in Colvin, she can often be found round and about the house doing her laundry, chatting with the girls and helping them with their English prep. Outside of school, Ms Coutts' interests include films, music and moomins.

Mrs Rachel Beggs (Middles Tutor) - Director of Drama

Mrs Beggs is excited to be a Middles Tutor in Colvin having been a Sixth Form Tutor in Allenby for the past 10 years. She is the Director of Drama at Haileybury so you will often find her in the theatre rehearsing or taking pupils on theatre trips. She loves spending time with her tutees and seeing their amazing talents in concerts, plays and on the pitch. She also looks forward to spending time with the girls as a break from being a mother of 3 sons! Ethan is in year 3, Ryan in year 2 and toddler Jeremy has just turned 3. Her husband, Adam, is a primary teacher who has taken the past year off to look after the boys. You will often see him taking the boys for a bike ride on the 'secret bridge' over Colvin, which they just love. Last year Mrs Beggs completed a part-time MEd at Cambridge which was hugely rewarding, if challenging on top of teaching Drama and English. It gave her renewed empathy for all that the students juggle here. She's a loud and proud Aussie by birth - she came to the UK 15 years ago on honeymoon and just never went back! But despite the persistent accent, she's at least half British now in her tastes and attitudes, so she can identify with a lot of the girls who are new to British culture; and, most importantly, she is happy irrespective of which team wins the cricket!

Dr Kate Brazier (Sixth Form Tutor) - Teacher of Chemistry

Dr Brazier graduated from Leeds University where she read Biochemistry and spent four years as a research scientist, the research culminating in the award of a PhD from the University of London. Over the last twenty two years she has moved around the world with her family, teaching Science in Uganda, Swaziland, South Africa, Syria, UK and most recently the United Arab Emirates where she has spent the last five years.

Apart from a love of teaching Chemistry, Dr Brazier has a love of travelling and has embraced every aspect of internationalism during her time abroad. Outside school, she loves spending time relaxing with her family, cooking, reading, watching films and keeping up with current affairs.

Miss Ruth Everness (Sixth Form Tutor) - Teacher of Physics

Miss Everness joined Haileybury in September 2011, having completed a degree in Natural Sciences, and then a PGCE, at the University of Cambridge. As well as physics, she enjoys sewing, and is also involved with Crosstalk and runs the MUN programme at Haileybury.

Mr Roger Woodburn (Academic Tutor / Sixth Form) - Teacher of Biology

Mr Woodburn arrived in 1978 and is a teacher of Biology and Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma. He was HM of Bartle Frere for 12 years and Head of Science and Biology for 8 years. He has been a rugby and cricket Coach, Master i/c Squash for 21 years and is currently Universities Adviser and an ISI School inspector. He is also the Editor of Haileybury; A 150th Anniversary Portrait.

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