Housemistress: Clare Cohen

The loveliest thing about being a pupil in Allenby is the fact that all the girls, regardless of age, come together to create a strong, closely knit family community, in which we all look out for and support one another. With this comes great House spirit and a huge sense of pride - you can always tell when Allenby is playing a House match by the crowds of Allenby girls offering support and encouragement to their fellow House mates.

Allenby is not just a place to live during the term, but a home for all the boarders and day pupils alike. It is well-known for its friendly, boisterous and fun nature, but the girls are also recognised as kind, caring and hard working. It is the combination of these characteristics that makes Allenby such a wonderful and special House to be in.

Tutor team

AHM and L6 tutor - Mrs Nicola Dawson
Resident Tutor and Middles Tutor - Mrs Rachel Harrison
Removes Tutor - Mrs Stephanie Gates
Fifths Tutor - Mrs Nicola Payne-Cook
L6 Tutor - Mr Jonathan Cohen
U6 Tutor - Mr Russell Matcham

House characteristics

"The first thing you notice when you walk in to Allenby is the atmosphere and spirit. You immediately feel welcome by everyone you come across. Allenby has a great sense of community and openness, throughout the years. Although we are in different academic years, you would never know it because we all get so on well. This is largely due to our welcoming common room that is located in the centre of the House, which most people pass on their way to their rooms. This is where everyone goes after lunch and after prep. We go there to socialise and chat, especially when the weather is cold and we don't want to go outside.

Allenby victorious

"There is always a friendly face to talk to in the House. Our closeness is also shown by the mixed corridors throughout the house. In one corridor there could be Fifths, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth, all next to each other. The Removes have the dorm which they stay in for a year; it is a very open space, with enough privacy for them to feel comfortable, but open enough to feel as though they are all one community.

"Even when girls and boys from other Houses come in to Allenby, they comment on the atmosphere that is in and around our House. With all the rooms different shapes and sizes, decorated in pictures and posters, everyone agrees that Allenby is more of a home than a boarding House." Allenby boarder

"Haileybury is a very welcoming school. I couldn't imagine how I was going to come into Middles and start a completely new life, but the support from the Allenby girls and smiles from the whole of my year helped me so much."

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