Haileybury Boarding School in Hertfordshire - An overview of boarding life

Haileybury is a co-educational school near London committed to boarding, with an emphasis on community values and on developing responsibility and independence. We are a Hertfordshire school of 760 pupils, 450+ of whom are boarders.

Boarding school entrants into Main School (those aged 13+ and including those transferring from the Lower School - Years 7 and 8) join one of Haileybury's 12 fully equipped boarding houses. These are communities of approximately 55, in which pupils between 13 and 18 years live together in modern or recently updated surroundings which provide comfortable personal space, while simultaneously generating a strong sense of communal living and nurturing self-reliance and resourcefulness.

Studying in the Hertfordshire boarding school study room

Housemasters and Housemistresses (HMs) in the boarding school houses are carefully selected senior staff and are responsible for the welfare of each boy and girl in their care; they live alongside their charges, ensuring ready, natural and easy contact for all parties. HMs are assisted by a team of tutors who each have special responsibility for a small group (10-12) of pupils; one tutor is also resident within the boarding house. Mutually supportive relationships involving pupils, their parents, the tutor and the HM are central to the success of a Haileybury education.

The House is both home and a workplace for all pupils during their boarding school years. It is a place where long-term friendships are forged, where successes and disappointments can be shared and where consideration for others and loyalty are nurtured. Academic monitoring, reporting and administration are dealt with in House by tutors and HMs who provide advice and support on issues as varied as subject choices and university applications to co-curricular activities and relationships.

Haileybury is a full boarding school with flexibility on most weekends to go home after sport on Saturday afternoon. As at most full-boarding schools, lessons are taught on Saturday mornings while on Saturday afternoons there is an extensive programme of sports fixtures and cultural activities. On all but two Saturdays each term (designated “non-exeat” weekends), boarders may return to their homes after their Saturday afternoon commitment is complete. They are required to return to school by the Sunday evening, and a Chapel service for boarders takes place at 9.00 pm. There is no pressure on boarders to remain after Saturday afternoon, nor is there any expectation that they should depart. The school continues to operate as usual and a full and enlightened weekend programme is in place to provide opportunities for social activity on Saturday evenings and on Sundays, both on site and away.

Flexi-boarding is only available to Lower School pupils as an introduction to boarding in the Main School.

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All boarding Houses will have a limited number of day pupils within them and they are welcomed on an understanding that they are supportive of the School's boarding ethos. Interestingly, a number of boys and girls begin their Haileybury career as day pupils before transferring to boarding. The majority of day pupils will be current or former members of the Haileybury Lower School. Day places for entrants into the Main School, at 13+ or at Sixth Form level, are especially limited.

"Being in a House means you experience what it is like to be part of a community where everyone looks out for one another, and you learn the value of friendship and team spirit."

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