Over the years the state sector has led the way on the tracking of pupils through their time in education. There are huge benefits to be gained from doing this, but also many flaws. Many pupils undergo aptitude testing and expectations are built around their performance on these, with target grades set accordingly.

In a boarding environment Housemistresses or Housemasters and tutors know a great deal about pupils: they see their work ethic in House, they are much more aware of how organised all their charges are, and they also know a lot more about what social and emotional concerns each pupil might have in these difficult teenage years. In addition, because Haileybury is a community, there are many more opportunities for teachers to exchange information on how pupils are getting on.

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With that in mind, more precise expectations can be built by using aptitude testing and the knowledge that their Housemistresses or Housemasters and tutors have built up. In addition, Haileybury stores past exam scores, past Progress Report (mid-term) comments and grades, and End of Term report comments and grades so that pupils' progress can be monitored over time in all subjects. This should enable strengths and weaknesses to be highlighted and assistance given to pupils on how to utilise their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Haileybury uses the University of Durham Centre for Educational Monitoring (CEM) tests, like many other independent schools. Every pupil is assessed in Lower School 1 (Year 7), Removes (Year 9) and the Lower Sixth (Year 12) during the first week of the Autumn Term. Any new pupils into other years will also be tested at this time, and the results are sent home to parents. The tests have three batteries: Verbal, Non-Verbal and Maths. A mean score across all three tests is also given. Parents are able to see how their son or daughter performed in relation to their peers across the country.

For more information on these aptitude tests and/or to discuss your son/daughter's results, please contact the Deputy Head (Academic), Simon Smith, via e-mail or telephone 01992 706210.

"Because Haileybury is a community, there are many opportunities for teachers to exchange information on how pupils are getting on."

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