Academic overview

Haileybury, as one of England's leading independent boarding schools, aims to foster excellence in scholarship and academic studies, while also encouraging and sustaining a wide range of intellectual, cultural and sporting activities. Haileybury is academically selective and we have high expectations of our pupils - we expect them to work hard, and to achieve to their maximum potential.

Teachers aim to develop, through these high expectations, the potential of every pupil, and this is reflected in the best possible examination results as well as in their personal development.

We also aspire to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, and to promote intellectual curiosity and the ability to work independently.

Reports and parents' meetings

Reporting is a crucial way of formally communicating information about pupils' progress to parents and provides an a sound basis on which to set targets. We take these reports very seriously and act upon concerns raised and reward pupils for excellent progress and having an exceptional attitude to learning.

Parents' meetings are held annually and provide excellent forums to discuss the achievements of your sons and daughters and to discuss future targets. Reports are sent to parents via our Parents' Portal, which is able to store copies of all reports written during a child's career at Haileybury and are easily retrievable via a personal password.


These are written once or twice a term depending on the timing of the parents' meeting. Each pupil receives a grade for Attainment as well as grades for their Attitude to Learning in and beyond the classroom. The report will also contain a detailed comment on their progress in that phase of term. The comment will also include targets, implicit and explicit reference to Haileybury Habits and advice on how they can improve.

Internal exam results

These are generally communicated in reports although they are occasionally sent home in letter form when no report is done. Internal exam results can also be viewed on our Parents' Portal.

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