Learning support

Head of Department: Stephanie Gates - specialist SpLD teacher


Andy Thomas - specialist SpLD teacher and Maths Learning Support Co-ordinator

Haileybury has a well-resourced Learning Support Department with two members of staff to help pupils with diagnosed specific learning difficulties. Staff are qualified teachers who have taken additional qualifications to assess and/or teach pupils with specific learning difficulties. We also offer assessments, study skills and general academic support as appropriate.

Pupils are welcome to attend regular one-to-one or small group sessions on a regular basis. Reports on progress and targets are sent to parents twice a year. We are also available for pupils who may require a short block of learning support or ‘one-off’ lessons as necessary. We can arrange for a diagnostic assessment with an Educational Psychologist within school. There are additional charges for learning support lessons and assessments. Learning Support Prep club is available four evenings per week and students are encouraged to come to these sessions for further support (not chargeable) and to drop in to the department whenever necessary.

The Learning Support Department has good communication links with subject teachers, tutors, parents and Housemasters/Housemistresses (HMs). Pupils are usually referred to the department via such links but increasingly, they are taking responsibility for their own learning and requesting support themselves. Pupils may be referred through the School’s testing and screening processes. The Learning Support Department provides some in-class support as necessary.

Additionally there are two members of staff to help those pupils for whom English is not their first language. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) staff provide one–to-one or small group support for those pupils who require help in addition to their EAL lessons. There are additional charges for such support.

For further information please contact Stephanie Gates, Head of Learning Support.

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