Head of Department: Bill Irving


Jon Spavin and Ann Spavin.

Information and Communications Technology is taught to all pupils in the Lower School and Removes and as an IGCSE Option in Middles and Fifths. The Department occupies two purpose built ICT suites in Quad as well as a further ICT classroom in the Science Department.

Lower School cover the British Computing Society (BCS) European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Essentials qualification as well as undertaking an e-typing course to improve keyboard skills and e-safety lessons covering such things as Facebook security, chat room security and cyber-bullying. Lower School 1 and 2 will also be introduced to Scratch and robotics in a more informal manner. Removes complete two software modules (Word and Excel) which are required by many subjects for Controlled Assessment work for IGCSE/GCSE and beyond at IB and A Level. This allows for the inclusion of robotics (using Lego robots) and programming initially in Scratch and progressing to Java.

The Cambridge IGCSE in ICT allows pupils to develop a thorough understanding of the development of many ICT applications we take for granted as well as gain an insight into and appreciation of the business and social impacts of ICT. The course is delivered with a mixture of theory and practical lessons, in which pupils have to demonstrate their ability to author websites, manipulate data and integrate data from a variety of sources into a coherent document. This mirrors the assessment criteria for the IGCSE where there are two practical papers carrying 60% of the overall grade and a theory paper carrying 40% of the overall grade.

Additionally, enrichment opportunities are available in Java programming and the development of programming skills to allow Lego robots to be used for scientific measurement, controlled automated movement and specific response.

From August 2013, A level Computer Science will be offered as a Sixth Form Option. This is an exciting opportunity for those sixth form pupils who wish to demonstrate rigour, logic and creativity in one A level.

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