Head of Department: Thomas Day, MA, PhD

Deputy Head of Department: Emily Coutts, BA

Harry Baxendale, BA
Rachel Beggs, BA
Peter Blair, MA
Lizzie Alexander, BA
Russell Matcham, BEd
Clare McTernan, BA, LLB
Alison McWhirter, BA
Katherine Mair, BA, MA, PhD
Brett Morrison, BEd
Chris Pitchford, BA

"Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man" (Francis Bacon)

Whatever academic and professional paths Haileyburians eventually may take, they won’t go very far without a good grounding in English. Our pupils are encouraged to read both widely and microscopically, with passion but also with persistence. They learn to choose and arrange their words carefully in speech and writing, acquiring a range of rhetorical resources. They gain the confidence to take creative and interpretative risks. They are able to tease out ambiguities, to negotiate textual complexities. They develop a respect for context and for the history of ideas. They have fun, making the most of the opportunities English provides for imaginative work (and play).

Literature is at the heart of everything we deliver: pupils are exposed to a variety of literary genres and periods, from the Gawain poet to the graphic novel. Lower School and Removes follow a specially designed curriculum, which includes the study of a Shakespeare play in each of the years. Middles and Fifths take IGCSE English Language, with the option of also taking IGCSE English Literature. In the Sixth Form pupils can choose between A Level English Literature and the IB courses in Literature, Language and Literature, and Literature and Performance.

The English department also offers:
• Regular trips to the theatre and cinema
• Talks by visiting authors and academics
• Creative writing clubs
• Debating of the highest standard
• The Sixth Form English society, Green Room
• Participation in national competitions

Housed in the English Centre, at the hub of which is a large Common Room, we are a sociable team of teachers who look to learn from each other’s best practice in the interests of our pupils. We collaborate with colleagues in Drama, Modern Languages and beyond, developing the interdisciplinary links that the subject lends itself to. We also work closely with the SEN and EAL departments in offering extra support to those who require it.

"The study of English requires us to evaluate reflected human experience, and to be able to express our own personal responses to that in a precise and analytical manner."


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