Haileybury encourages pupils to accept responsible leadership roles within the community and there is a variety of opportunities for boys and girls who seek this distinction. Our prefects play a vital role in setting the tone for the school, influencing attitudes and providing a link between pupils and adults in the School.

The Master appoints the Heads of School and the Deputy Heads of School, one boy and one girl in each category.

They are supported by the College Prefects, who are also appointed by the Master. College Prefects include all the Heads of House, who are nominated by their Housemasters and Housemistresses. A number of additional pupils are appointed to fill specific responsibilities such as supporting the Lower School tutor team or working with the teachers to provide activities for younger boys and girls.

In addition, House Prefects have responsibilities within a House and around the School during House Duty Weeks. They are appointed by the Housemasters and Housemistresses.

Our Prefects for the year 2014-2015: 

Heads of School:

James Brooking (K)
Georgia Billings (C)

Deputy Heads of School:

Thassilo Weber (Ed)
Georgie Hodges (Aby)

Heads of House:

Alban's (Alb) Abbie Wood
Allenby (Aby) Nancie Muzzlewhite
Bartle Frere (BFr) Alex McCormick
Batten (B) Tom Horsburgh
Colvin (C) India Rawlin
Edmonstone (E) Dennis Tang
Hailey (H) Georgie Caney
Kipling (K) Marco Pittatore
Lawrence (L) Sebastian Demel
Melvill (M) Rachel Clark
Thomason (Th) Max Phillips
Trevelyan (Tr) Jack Turner

Lower School Prefects: (6)

Gabbi Bates (Aby)
Tom Garrison (L)
Isobel Emery (M)
Tristan Cummins (BFr)
Dominic Prout (Tr)
Grace Rawlins (Aby)

Activities Prefects: (7)

Susie Fuller (Aby)
Naomi Shammas (C)
Alex Henderson (L)
Elin Davies (C)
George Watkinson (BFr)
James Gates (B)

International Prefects:

Ha Vu (M)
Diogo Geraldes (Tr)
Charities Prefects:
Daniel Worby (E)
Bella Harrington (C)

Peer Support Prefects:

Katherine Phillips (C)
Henry DiStasio (Th)

Performing Arts Prefects:

Leah Rosendahl (C)
Henry O’Brien (B)

Sport Prefects:

Lucy Jinks (Aby)
George McConachie (K)

External Relations Prefect:

Sophie Sanders (H)

"It is an honour to be elected as a Head of School or a college prefect, knowing that your teachers and peers have the confidence in you to perform such an important role."

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