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Haileybury has two schools in Kazakhstan, Haileybury Almaty which opened in September 2008, and Haileybury Astana, which opened in September 2011.

Haileybury Almaty

This is the first British public school to open in Central Asia, further expanding the global trend for the export of British schooling.

Building began on the greenfield site, which is centrally located in Almaty on Al Farabi Avenue, on the banks of the Esentai River, in May 2007 and Haileybury Almaty welcomed its first pupils in September 2008. Recognising the demand for a British-affiliated educational establishment, Capital Partners managed the development of the new private school in Almaty.

Haileybury Almaty will eventually become a school for almost 600 pupils, ages 5-18 years. Following the British curriculum up to the age of 14, the intention is to become an International Baccalaureate school to offer the IB Diploma Programme in the Sixth Form. In September 2008, the school opened for pupils aged 5-14 years. The teaching medium is English, but the school will strive to be renowned as a centre of excellence for the teaching of the Kazakh language. Children will be admitted predominantly from Kazakhstani families, whose first language may be Russian. Accordingly, both Kazakh and Russian will be taught, in addition to English

There is great expectation that academic standards will be high, and these will be externally audited by Haileybury UK. However, there is a rich co-curricular programme.

The school, whilst respecting all faiths, is a secular environment. Haileybury Almaty strives to be a beacon of academic excellence, but most importantly, our pupils learn the lessons of greatest worth: self-discipline, integrity of character, care for others, and a true sense of values.

Mr Craig Halsall is the Headmaster of Haileybury Almaty.

Find out more from Haileybury Almaty's website.

Haileybury Astana

Following the successful foundation of Haileybury Almaty, a similar school under the auspices of Haileybury was planned to be built in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. The project commenced in 2009, and ground was broken on the construction phase in July 2010. The design of the School is a modernist take on Haileybury in the UK, with a large central tree-lined quad and amphitheatre, surrounded by classroom blocks, sports and cultural facilities and indoor play areas. Haileybury Astana is part of the continuing commitment of Haileybury to Kazakhstan and the development of the Central Asian region as a whole.

Haileybury Astana was formally opened on 31 August 2011 by First President Nursultan Nazrbayev. The School provides education for both boys and girls, at present from the ages of three to 11 years. The School follows the standards of the English educational system and National Curriculum in Pre-Prep, Key Stage One and Two, taught by qualified teachers from the UK. In addition to the normal range of subjects taught in most UK independent schools, Haileybury Astana also offers lessons in the Kazakh language, history and geography and Russian language. Apart from languages, all teaching is conducted in English, with support from tri-lingual teaching assistants. All pupils are expected and encouraged to speak English during the school day.

Key Stage Three teaching will commence in September 2012, and the pupils will be prepared to sit the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations at the age of 16, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme examinations in the Sixth Form at the age of 18. The provision of state-of-the-art facilities and resources in academic, creative and performing subjects with teaching via the medium of English is intended to provide the pupils of Haileybury Astana with the potential to access university education in the UK, USA and the rest of the world in the future.

The pupils of Haileybury Astana are drawn from all sectors of the city, with over 15 nationalities represented in the School in its founding year, although the largest numbers of pupils are Kazakh, Russian or English nationals. The School has four Houses to which all pupils belong, each named after famous alumni of Haileybury in the UK: Attlee, Bartle Frere, Edmonstone and Kipling. With the exception of Attlee House, each House has a counterpart in Haileybury in the UK.

The School has rapidly established a tradition of events such as a series of concerts by professional musicians, ranging from the Kazakhstani National Quintet to a local jazz assemble. The School has also held a number of academic days focusing on one single subject, mixing pupils from different year groups within Houses. In addition, the School gives strong emphasis to cultural and sporting activity outside the academic curriculum. All the pupils have opportunities to play a musical instrument and join with others to play and sing together. There are drama productions, art competitions and other academic activities.

Sport is also a key element of Haileybury Astana, with inter-House competitions in both running and football, and fixtures against other international schools in Astana. Wide-ranging sporting facilities encourage pupils to find and exercise their preferences as an essential part of school life.

In the future, the School will grow in both numbers and age of the pupils, adding a year group each year until provision is made for pupils up to the age of 18. Boarding facilities are planned to open in 2014, in order to open access to the School to families living further afield in both Kazakhstan and other Central Asian nations.

Mr Colin Callaghan is the Headmaster of Haileybury Astana.

Find out more from Haileybury Astana's website.

"Haileybury Almaty is the first British school to open in Central Asia."


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